A long journeyBy Lech Antonio Uszynski, on 4/8/2016 18:05

Dear Supporters

I want to apologize for the silence from my side. The truth is, that the path to the final CD takes up much more time then I expected. Since my career expanded a lot in the last year, which is of course a wonderful thing, it is hard to find time between my concert tours where I can focus and give my full attention on listening to the versions I get from the Sound engineer who recorded the CD.

Each piece on the CD goes at least 4-5 times back and forth from the sound engineer (who is also very busy since he is extremly well booked) to me till the Final Master is ready. So as you can see there has to be always time from both sides to make everything happend in a reasonable time. Since we, who already listened to all the material, are extremly happy with what we recorded we really want to reach the best possible result and give the right amount of time and attention this projects deserve.

The situation at the moment is following. Only one composition is left for the final corrections. All the others are ready and we are delighted of the result. I assume and hope to have the final master end of August. Then it will be proceeded to the Label with all the texts and graphics (which are already prepared). Like this if everything goes smooth everything will be shipped out still this year.

I want to thank you all once again for the support and I hope you are looking forward to the Progetto Gibson CD as much as we do!

Warmest regards

Lech Antonio Uszynski

Exciting NewsBy Lech Antonio Uszynski, on 19/8/2015 18:33

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Dear supporters

Last week we have made it! Our recording session was a wonderful experience. We hope you will enjoy the pictures from our session. There are still many things to do beside editing the Master. The design, pictures, text and graphics. But we are super happy and without your help all this would have not been possible. Thank you! The targeted Release Date is November/December 2015. We will keep you updated.

Warmest regards,

Lech & Andriy

Grande Finale // 2 Days leftBy Lech Antonio Uszynski, on 16/7/2015 21:39


Dear Supporters. This journey is so exciting for us and we are really grateful for your contribution which shows us that you believe in our project. We have 2 days left and are very close to reach our funding goal. You could help us so much with spreading one last time the word about this project. With sincere gratitude. Lech Antonio & Andriy