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The Project

Nearly 1000 airshows each year, millions of visitors, growing interest and unmatched spectacles! These fact characterize airshows nowadays. The idea of our website is to collect and list all these airshows, making it easy for spectators to orient themselves.


Numerous airshows are held every year around the world. Some of them attract crowds more than 100 thousand people in a day! The concept of airshows originates from Europe, but now they are held all around the world and provide great entertainment for families and individual visitors. Our team’s interest and dedication towards airshows made us develop this project. The project relies on our website, which has been working successfully for 7 years.


Our Airshow-Planner Application

Our team is working on designing an «Airshow planning» application, for which we are currently contacting future partners and surveying the market. The main idea of the application is the following: It can provide sufficient and ample information about airshows, how to easily get to the events. This works for all kinds of visitors from normal spectators, to photographers, vendors and even journalists. Furthermore, our application helps all users to plan their trip in the most cost efficient manner, an issue that is increasingly important nowadays. This application is equally useful for the events and their organizers. Visitors can find airshow listed according to countries, in the beginning in at least 6 different languages. Furthermore, the visitors can find everything in one place, even visiting from a PC, Android, IOS or Windows Phone platforms, from phones, tablets or personal computers.

What will the visitor find in our application?

  • If you are a normal visitor? You can find planned routes to the airshows, plane ticket and accommodation offers, and all the services provided by his or her destination from car rental to restaurants. As well as accurate and detailed infos about the events, all coupled with other online possibilities such as ticket purchasing, or orientation on the area of the airshow. It also advises visitors what to carry with them to the airshows and provides weather information too.

  • If you are a journalist? You can find all the above mentioned useful info, as well as other information needed for your work, such as how to acquire media accreditation.

  • If you are a spotter? You can also check where to stand to take the best pictures, both inside the airfield or even outside of it.

  • If you are a vendor? Additionally to all the above mentioned benefits, the application allows easy contact with the airshow organizer, making the life of both vendors and organizers significantly easier.

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Airshow Media activity

Photographic and video services during events. Professional showcasing of the event via still or motion picture materials, all taken on equally professional equipment and by an experienced, international team. Our media services also include the work of experienced and skilled journalists, to maintain the daily news flow.


Webpage development

Our webpage is expected to grow significantly in the near future. Our webpage, which is currently available in two languages will deal with airshows from the Americas, Asia and Australia as well. We also aim to maintain become a leader in this market on those continents, just like we do in Europe. The expected huge flow of visitors all higher the value of our webpage. The development includes:

  • Expanding the webpage, the airshows listed, building up a database
  • Exclusive materials, such as the application
  • Development of a photographer’s webpage
  • Employing expert journalists in this subject
  • Providing daily, multilingual news and information
  • New, worldwide domain reach, like .com, .net or .eu

The webpage development package of ours includes the development of a world class photographic sharing portal too, where thousands of photographs can show the worlds of airshows to the visitors.


Even now, talented photographers and spotter provide many photos to our website, and we would like to give them an opportunity to share these pictures all around the world, and for these photos to appear in other forms of media.

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Our aims

Our aims is to build the most visited and most useful webpage in our field of interest. The base of it is already working well for years now. Our aims is, that with a newly started firm, we will provide information from all around the world, and to help the millions of airshow visitors as well as the event organizers each achieve their plan. Our aims is not selfish, but to achieve it a sufficient financial investment is required. For this reason we turn to you, and hope that you can see all the great prospect and help achieve them.

Thank you!

Risk and challenges:

The main income of the firm would come from the planner application. Income would come not only from the downloading of the application, but also from the events, firms and cooperations appearing in the application. This can turn in significant income. Furthermore, the advertising income is significant too. Naturally, there is risk involved, but there is no income without some risk. We are however fairly confident that the application can bring in the required success and income.