Participative Live Art Work

’COMMODI-FICTION’ is a six months long (Apr 10 - Oct 2, 2021) Live Art exhibition at Museum 1. It features two special ’OPEN CALLS’ designed to facilitate active participation of the vistors / public and even offers Cash Prizes.

The first Open Call, ’The Hunt #2’ is scheduled for June 5. The second call will be announced in July. (Details at: The curator, Stephan Wittmer and team Museum1, has allowed me to institute one award of CHF 100 /- for the ’Best Hunter’. We need more prizes. And so I seek your support for these community oriented artistic interventions.

The funds raised shall be used to create more awards, cover organizational expenses and, if possible, do a video documentation of the same.

The exhibition stems from the concept of ’fictitious commodities’ conceived by the economic historian and thinker, Karl Polanyi. I expand upon and play further with these ideas to explore the workings of the market-based- economic system we live in and its possible connections with (neo)colonialism.

On behalf of the curator, Stephan Wittmer and Museum 1 team, I invite you to visit, COMMODI-FICTION and Museum 1 - which is quite a unique art space.

And please do support with whatever you can. Every contribution matters. Thank YOU!

My project is special because ...

An Open Call (with prizes), as part of a Live Art work, opens a different way of looking at and engaging with art/works.

This also shifts the visitor’s position from being a passive receiver of the artist’s ideas to an active participant in the outcome of the work. The whole show COMMODI-FICTION is also designed to reflect strongly upon the economic system that we live in, accept as normal and which also has a bearing on the production of art.

In short, the project is about new ways of both creating, displaying and using art.

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This is what I need backing for.

This Crowd Funding campaign aims to raise funds for:

  1. The PRIZES for the two Open Calls
  2. Cover organizational and other costs.
  3. If possible, video document the two open call events.

A minimal target of CHF 2000/- has been set for this campaign, to ensure that the project can run. However, for better execution, we need double the amount. So, a ’stretch goal’ has also been added, which will open up only after the initial amount is reached. We count on you. Please help us with whatever you can. And also help us spread the campaign further. Thank you for all your support in advance.

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