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Magazine / Exhibition

Promised Land is a quarterly magazine and event devoted to the arts in their different forms: photography, design, plastic arts, music or writing. Entitled «Promised Land», each edition of the magazine will also be accompanied by an exhibition and music concerts. Our goal is to promote emerging artists whether they are photographers, writers, musicians or some other art-related field. Each issue of the magazine will be devoted in part to a specifically selected artist.

In addition to the magazine’s quarterly publication, we will be organizing exhibitions in different venues so that we can better promote the publication of the new issue, as well as the work of the artists involved in the magazine’s pages and expose their talent to a wider audience. In addition to these exhibitions, concerts can also be organized.

With our team of photographers, musicians, and artists, we aim to promote cultural and artistic diversity. We collaborate with a large number of artists, most of whom come from different origins, cultures, and generations, in order to have a rich and dynamic team, as well as a variety of subjects.

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This is why I need support

We need your support in order to print the magazine, the merchandising, and the artworks that will be exhibited, photography mainly.


Your name figurers among those of our collaborators on our website: www.promisedlandswiss.org/collaborators You receive a goody bag related to your contribution. You are invited to our exhibition!