This is what it's all about.

The trainers’ school is a six-day-workshop-seminar which every year 12 psychology from all over switzerland participate in. It is hosted by psyCH, the umbrella organisation of swiss psychology students. During the seminar-week our participants learn different presentation skills ans methods to lead group discussions and to supervise group learning processes. Our participants are trained by international trainers team and by that can extend their competencies as future psychologists. At the end of the week they receive an official certificate as a «psyCH Trainer» and are ready for the challenges in university and everyday work. Our qualified trainers are involved on a voluntary basis and support individuals in their acquisition of knowledge and skills with diverse seminars and group discussions. In this way the create an environment for finding creative solutions in a group, be it at the university or in a company. Switzeland needs more trainers. So let’s make it!


Why we need your support

psyCH is an entirely non-profit organisation consisting of university students ( psyCH organises multiple events, like the trainers’ school, in order to give future psychologists the opportunity to extend their competencies. Unfortunately the organisation of this event is not yet self-sustained. The trainers’ school is not made for making profit. Our trainers give trainings on a voluntary basis and free of charge. It is important to us that we don’t make financial losses. And now we need your help: Support us with a small donation so we can finance our trainers’ school without losses. With your contribution you give 12 psychology students from all over Switzerland the opportunity to participate in the trainers’ school and invest in the experise of the Swiss trainers community. We are looking forward to your donation and thank you!

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What is your benefit?

We offer different rewards depending on the amount you donate, ranging from our delicious psyCHolade to a training for free. We’d love to show our gratitude in many personal gifts. And of course it’s for a good cause! :)