Public Housing in Japan

by Marco Pompili

Zürich and Tokyo

A book on the development of multi-unit housing in Japan and on the work of the Dōjunkai association, the first Japanese governmental housing authority.

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Successfully concluded on 6/1/2023

What's happened in a month time?By Marco Pompili, on 08/02/2023

First of all the rewards have been sent to my backers! An exception are the prints of the large size black and white photos, which need weeks to be completed. I haven’t forgotten to send them, it’s only taking a little longer than everyone’s expected. I am glad to let you know that the work on the content of the book is progressing. The translation into English of the Japanese texts with interviews to professors Fujimori, Satō and Jinnai is underway and almost completed. A big thank you goes to Chiaki Ajioka, the art historian and professional translator, with whom I have worked during the past few weeks. All chapter authors are at work and the book body should take an initial shape by beginning of spring. Best Regards, Marco (

We made it!By Marco Pompili, on 06/01/2023

We made it! Thank you for your support. I will be in touch regarding the rewards you have chosen. These will be sent out as soon as possible.

Your contribution has given substantial fuel for the book project to move on. The authors are currently working on the texts making the body of the book. These will be collected during the coming 6 months. Through the finances gathered so far a substantial part of the costs of text post production (translation and editing) will be covered.

I will keep you informed of the progresses that the project will make. Best Wishes, Marco (