Launching vibrant CoWorking spaces in beautiful destinations around the world! Developing a new physical&digital experience with ecosystem partnerships to foster a pure balance between work&lifestyle!

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Successfully concluded on 11/10/2017

Launching vibrant COWORKING spaces in beautiful destinations around the WORLD!

Through our physical places and online platform, you will be able to book and enjoy from our dream locations:

+Coworking (shared office) space +Comfy Accommodation & Coliving +Thrilling Sports&Culture +Tasty Food & Beverages +Stimulating Workshops +Secure Transport +Much MORE

PuraWorka will create a network of shared office spaces powered by ecosystem partnerships. Our aim is to open two initial locations, one in the Swiss Alps - VALAIS, and another one by the ocean, in Indonesia - LOMBOK, where we look forward to welcoming you early 2018.

Specialised media have only just started to write about the future of working, workspace and flexibility. Moreover, millennials are rising, they are digital natives and nomads. PuraWorka seizes this revolution and, through your support, will both boost its digital platform and physical coworking spaces to accommodate this new worklifestyle.

PuraWorka will democratise CoWorking!

PuraWorka's Ecosystem Partnerships makes us SPECIAL

PuraWorka is a COMMUNITY…connected (or not), who loves to innovate and who craves experiences!

PuraWorka is SHARING…an ecosystem of service providers with similar values who foster mutual growth!

PuraWorka is INCLUSIVE…local employment in emerging countries, hardware at disposal, ethical entrepreneurship courses to locals!

SUSTAINABILITY is at PuraWorka’s core, such as eco-building & operations, responsible sourcing of products and services; renewable energy; intelligent water management, smart mobility and offsetting, waste management and circular economy, local and organic food.

The PuraWorka SIGNATURE will epitomize ’wowness’. We are designing a minimalistic style, with pure lines, clear spaces and movable furniture, integrating natural elements within our INTERIOR DESIGN. Stimulating areas will see people challenge each other and invent new business models.

We need YOU to boost our DIGITAL PLATFORM!

By supporting our crowdfunding, you will help us develop in three phases our digital platform. -> A UNIQUE online BUSINESS and CONSUMER experience that will match our physical signature (see pictures below)

  2. Responsive website with BOOKING, PAYMENT&PLANNING functions
  3. Launch of a MOBILE APP

When booking, your user experience will feel simple and straight to the point! Either specific clicks according to your wish(es) or pre-made packages will be offered.

By joining PuraWorka’s COMMUNITY, you would partake in creating a positive disruption on how and where people will work. PuraWorka believes that this community could be the accelerator, the sculptor that will help us shape work towards an art of living!

Our Crowdfunding campaign provides YOU a TASTE of what PuraWorka will consist of. Amazing PARTNERSHIPS are revealed and exciting REWARDS are offered, don’t miss out on them!