What it’s all about

Around 70 athletes with disabilities compete in six different disciplines. In all of them, tasks from our daily life need to be solved. Our pilot Florian Hauser will be one out of twelve international athletes competing in the Powered Wheelchair Race – and he wants to win.

The Powered Wheelchair Race consists of obstacles with increasing difficulty, which must be negotiated within limited time. Among other things, Florian will be facing cobblestone, steep ramps and a door. The most difficult obstacle are three steps – upstairs and downstairs.

Solving the tasks requires twofold: Florian’s piloting skills, and a powered wheel chair, which is agile, which can climb, and which provides safety to Florian.

With the results from this project, we want to enhance the mobility of people using wheelchairs.

Why we need your support

The first prototype of the race chair is ready. It has been developed and tested by students of the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil. Now the development continues towards the final version of the race chair, which Florian will ride in the competition on October 8th, 2016. We need you support to pay additional hours worked by our team work, as well as parts for the race chair.

What is in for you

We have thought about a couple of rewards, with which we would like to say thank you for your support.

* The race chair is tailored to Florian. Hence, have limits on age, height and weight.