The Web app Radius offers an easy way to discuss personally and constructively with citizens with different opinions.

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Successfully concluded on 5/9/2018

What it's about

We believe in respectful dialogue between people with different political opinions. That is why we want Radius to provide an easy way for people with different views to discuss politics personally and constructively. These discussions offer the opportunity to rethink one’s convictions together and to understand other positions. This step out of one’s own comfort zone not only promotes exchange between people, but also strengthens democracy.

How it works

Based on five yes-no questions and geographical availability, Radius finds two people who are interested in a controversial conversation. The discussion material will certainly not run out, because the web app selects the discussion partners in such a way that their answers do not agree on as many questions as possible. Meeting up personally, participants will have the opportunity to exchange views on various political topics.

What we need support for

We want to promote political dialogue between people. That’s why we design and develop Radius on a voluntary basis, and not in order to make money. However, we are happy about every contribution to cover the costs for the server, the domain and a small campaign through this crowdfunding.

We expect the following costs for one year of operation: Web hosting: up to 550 CHF Domains: 50 CHF Print products: 150 CHF 10 campaign weeks of 150 CHF: 1500 CHF Train tickets for promotional purposes: up to 1000 CHF