The project aims to replace the aging and rusty bolts on Tenerife with new ones. Your donation will help make the island's climbing walls safe again.

EUR 2’550

51% of EUR 5’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 20/5/2021

Re-Bolting in Tenerife

An island like something out of a dream. Long beaches, blue water, good food and canyons with countless climbing routes. The enormous potential for climbing on Tenerife was first glimpsed in the early 80s. Since then, new canyons have been opened up almost monthly. With all the enthusiasm about the huge potential of this Canary Island, the maintenance of the bolts was somewhat forgotten. We want to change that with this wemakeit project.

We are: Walter, Ian, Eric and Rafa.

Walter is climbing coach:

Ian is host:

Eric is climbing instructor and co-author of the climbing guide:

Rafa is initiator and financial supervisor of the project

We have made it to our mission to replace the rusted bolts. This work requires skill on the rope, material and a lot of time. The funding goal of EUR 5’000 is intended to cover the material costs (bolts, drilling machine, rope, etc.) on the one hand and to pay for the work fairly on the other. The project team will control the quality of the re-bolting. For each replaced bolt, the re-bolter will receive 10 euros, but a maximum of 50 euros for a complete route. The material will be provided by the project.

Help us and let’s make climbing on Tenerife safe again!

Bolting is a matter of honor, Re-Bolten is not

Outdoor climbing is one of the few sports where a pre-installed route can be used free of charge. The person who creates the route often only receives a marginal note in a climbing guidebook for his sweaty work - but at least he was allowed to leave his mark on the rock. Maintaining the routes, however, is a far less attractive job, because there is neither an entry in the climbing guidebook nor any remuneration for maintenance. So, it is urgent that we give something back to the men and women who spend days in their harnesses so that we can climb safely.

From a hobby to a full-time job

Maintaining climbing routes is a tedious job that used to be done by volunteers. With the increasing number of routes, the hobby has become a full-time occupation, which no longer has a place next to the actual job. The financial compensation is intended to create a new incentive so that we climbers can climb the walls of Tenerife safely and free of charge again in the future.