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After two years of playing live in really cool locations (Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz Ascona, Locarno Film festival etc.) we’re finally ready to hit the studio to record our very first two original songs. We want to make it special and we want you to be part of the audience at the Recording Studio Canaa in Losone. A hole day with us in studio. Or a lot of juicy prizes for you to grab. Like a very limited edition 45 (only 5 available!!!)… or a special gig with all of us in your livingroom!

RE:FUNK - I Got You (I Feel Good)

We are making our first original recording and we want to share this experience with our audience.

RE:FUNK live at Montreux Jazz Festival

This is what we do live with the music of James Brown. We want to make our own music and we need your help!