Together with the best international underwater photographers, we create a printed piece of art that is meant to inspire reflection and at the same time to create admiration!

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Successfully concluded on 16/10/2017

Reefcalendar 2018

The project for our seas!

We have made it our mission to do something at a time when tourism and industry relentlessly deal with the seas. The sea is not only an important oxygen source, it also houses a lot of life. Especially in popular holiday destinations, tourism leaves its mark.

In the world’s seas, there are so many beauties and wonders of nature. Unfortunately, we do not appreciate them enough and often destroy them mercilessly!

Uncontrolled fishing and whaling, sharkfining and the plastic problem are topics that are hitting hard the underwater environment and throw our world’s oceans out of balance.

With the REEFCALENDAR project we want to draw attention to the disasters of the seas and the critical condition of our coral reefs. Together with the best underwater photographers around the world, we are creating a print medium that is meant to be a reflection!

  • World Record picture
    World Record picture

My project is special because ...


Together with the best underwater photographers around the world and a WELTREKORD on the cover picture, we create a picture book that is meant to inspire!

Already the cover image of the REEFCALENDAR 2018 is something special!


On 19 August 2017, history was written at the Vienna Exhibition Center. On this day, the largest 3D Bodypainting picture of the world was created on a gigantic 187 m2 with 253 people - and will become the cover image of the REEFCALENDAR 2018!

It took almost 8 hours until all voluntary models had been positioned and matched. At 16:45, Martin was able to photograph the final image from the crane at a height of 10 meters.

It’s nice to make a world record, but it’s much more than just that!

It is important for us to sensitize but also to bring together people to make a difference!

Both happens with this idea. Right now, where many of us have been at seasides during vacations, we want to make people aware of the importance the sea has for all of us. We have painted a colorful and intact underwater world with turtles, sharks, fish, corals and many species that have a home in our underwater world. Unfortunately, completely intact underwater worlds are hardly left out there. Problems caused by climate change, industry or tourism are massively damaging the underwater world!


Together with our partner LEXI & BÖ, a company that shares 100% of our thoughts, we designed the supporter shirt 2018. The coral from the Reefcalendar logo always stands as a remark for future editions. It will be inhabited each year by another living creature from the underwater world. The first collection inhabit is a turtle!

  • Sustainability - We pay attention to the environment in the world record attempt, as well as in the calendar production itself and of course also with our shirts!

We avoid plastic, we pay attention to production within Europe. Recycling and environmentally friendly substances are very important to us!

  • Supporter Shirt - Woman
    Supporter Shirt - Woman
  • Supporter Shirt - Men
    Supporter Shirt - Men

This is what I need backing for.

With the achieved profit, we support projects around the world that help preserve the marine ecosystem.

Already in the first year, we were able to successfully produce and sell the REEFCALENDAR project.

With the profit of 2017’s edition we have successfully financed the construction of a small coral reef on the Maldives.

What will we do in 2018?

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HERE in the VIDEO you can watch what we have done with the money in 2017!