REPS converts footsteps into clean electricity, allowing rooms or cities to sustain themselves, regardless of the network. Together we could all be part of the solution!

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Our story

Our World needs solutions to stop climate change! REPS takes people’s responsibility to contribute themselves. Depending on the number of steps REPS is exposed to it changes its value and can be used either as a support, as a power plant or in areas without a power grid as an autonomous power supplier.

In the beginning, there was the idea of finding energy sources that have a lasting effect and are not yet used. A force that is constantly at work, but which we do not perceive as such, is gravity. A constant that pulls us permanently with 9.81 m/s^2 to the earth. To be able to tap energy, you only need the mass. REPS was born!

The idea of using human mass in combination with gravity as a green energy source was backed up with initial calculations and simulations. We quickly discovered that a single step doesn’t give off much energy, but in quantity, many steps with REPS suddenly become a serious green energy converter.

A special combination and arrangement of magnets will enable REPS to offer an unbeatable price/performance ratio in the future. This means that it cannot only keep up with the payback times of other green power converters on the market, but even dominate this market! In order for REPS to be designed as a power plant in very high traffic areas, making it economically valuable, REPS installations must not have noticeable friction or poor energy conversion efficiency, and must be installed in a cost-effective manner.

We have made it! 3 years of research, 15 thousand measurements and over 2000 simulations later, REPS has been protected by an international patent application and all the above points have been achieved.

Known problems with conventional green energy converters:

Each green energy converter has its own pitfalls. For example, a photovoltaic or solar system provides the most energy on hot summer days. But most of the time, you need more electricity or hot water on cold days. To effectively generate electricity, they need a lot of space. However, space is always limited, especially in smart cities.

Another example: wind farms may only be built at a certain height and in areas where they do not endanger birds! 5,000 tons of concrete are needed to build a wind farm. In addition, wind farms generate 10-15 percent hazardous waste.

Although REPS has the great advantage that the earth attracts us and provides a constant force. REPS energy generation always starts with a step and it is not possible without the involvement of people. But if people are willing to go above and beyond and participate, especially if it’s done unobtrusively and barely noticeably, REPS can be a serious powerhouse in high-traffic areas. So serious, in fact, that it can dominate the green energy converter market! But there is another big problem to consider. The power grid is usually overloaded. If, for example, wind turbines have generated enough electricity and you then want to feed it into the grid, this is no longer possible due to the grid load. That is wasted energy! It is therefore more important to provide island-operated energy converters in order to be grid-independent. But it is this issue that REPS can circumvent through its unique technology, providing a system that delivers green energy, feeds autonomous power needs, and thus results in no grid load.


As a renewable, sustainable energy source, REPS helps to reduce CO2 to protect the Earth’s climate by engaging all of us. It integrates us, on the way to work, while shopping, while walking and whenever we move with the power of our steps. Even when vehicles are used, electricity can be generated through the use of this unique energy converter without us noticing. We live in a world where, in addition to meeting the basic needs of life and business, increasing digitization, electric cars, digital currencies, etc. require more and more electricity.

That is why we are required to develop solutions like REPS which are environmentally friendly, regardless of the network and technically easy-to-implement.

REPS can therefore become a «game changer» because it is modular, versatile, and can also save large amounts of CO2 due to its scalability in urban areas.

Why we need you

We are entering a new market and welcome any criticism as well as any praise. It is an important step in our start up to improve and customize the product for the user.

Our next big goal is the first installation in a frequented supermarket. So that we don’t lose a lot of shares in our invention we need your help and your sympathy and support as our crowd investors. Help us to make the world a little bit better and to enable an innovative energy supply to enter the market!