RESTART is a project for hope and resilience: a therapeutic center and professional network for people who have experienced trauma and/or suffer from anxiety disorders.

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Concluded on 21/11/2023

RESTART - A fresh start

RESTART - Réseau d’Ecoute et de Soutien Thérapeutique pour troubles Anxieux et Récits Traumatiques (Listening and Therapeutic Support Network for Anxiety Disorders and Traumatic Stories)

RESTART is a therapeutic center specializing in support for people suffering from various forms of disorder as a result of small and large traumas that have occurred in their lives.

This project was born as a matter of course, as a cry of urgency and hope in my life’s journey. In my practice as a hypnotherapist, but also in my daily life as a woman*, I realize that traumas are numerous, and sometimes where we least expect them. We mistakenly think that an extraordinary, impressive or very serious event is required. But in reality, trauma is not the event itself, but the emotional response to it.

Indeed, from feelings of emotional abandonment in childhood to physical or psychological abuse, we are all confronted at one time or another with «potentially traumatic» situations.

Fortunately, in many cases, these events resolve themselves and life returns to normal, while in others they leave invisible marks and deep wounds.

Post-traumatic stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, sexual problems, relationship difficulties, addictions, loss of self-esteem and confidence, depression… the list of consequences is long.

Today, none of this is inevitable. A new start is possible.

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Creating connections

RESTART will bring together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to provide comprehensive and competent support for those in need: psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, sexologist, social worker, massage therapist.

A violence center and an inclusivity center will be set up to provide specific care by trained professionals.

The aim of RESTART is to offer rapid, integrative care through individual therapy, but also to enable resilience to develop at each individual’s own pace.

That’s why we’re also developing a network of therapeutic workshops for people who have experienced violence. These à la carte workshops will take place in one of the center’s rooms.

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Art therapy
  • Feminist self-defense
  • Dance therapy
  • Talking groups
  • Therapeutic gardening
  • Psycho-education
  • And many other activities (according to requests and proposals).

Above all, RESTART is about building a magnificent network, a web of support and links. A place where you can meet yourself and others.

How can you help us?

This financing will be used to create RESTART. More specifically, your participation will enable us to :

  • raise the capital needed to create a limited liability company
  • carry out the work
  • set up the therapeutic center
  • invest in a large-scale communications campaign
  • create a professional website

By consciously participating in this fundraising campaign, you are also helping to :

  • create an inclusive and caring therapeutic space
  • offer a space of resilience for those who need it
  • supporting a project that starts from the heart, and passionate therapists.

And for all this we are grateful to you.