Restaurant and Take away

by Martin


Executive Summary
 The restaurant will be located in Hammarsdale Kwa Zulu Natal Province South Africa, this places it in between two high schools and a university selling deep-fried chips.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/10/2019

This is what it's all about.

The restaurant will be located in Hammarsdale Kwa Zulu Natal Province South Africa, this places it in between two high schools and a university selling deep-fried chips, grilled beef and Sausage to locals going to work in the morning, high school and University students walking miles during lunch for something to eat, a distance reduced.

My project is special because ...

Forbidden love Fear of persecution brings repressed feelings. The freedom to love without fear of persecution is should be paramount.

Am Martin a human rights lawyer from Uganda using poetry to highlight LGBTQ rights challenges, and I loved a man in a country where homosexuality is considered a crime against humanity while when dictator kills innocent civilians in a public protest for better pay to doctors and a reduction in the military expenditure, it seems acceptable.

When my partner got abducted by his own father a general in the Ugandan army and his body never, a death squad was sent to get me to but I escaped to Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania then Malawi where I applied for refugee help as a persecuted LGBTQ. The interviewing officer for United Nations High Commission for refugees revealed my confidential testimony to the public and again I became persecuted in brutal night attacks.

I found my way at night to the Osire refugee camp in Namibia where most refugees were so against Ugandans that they burnt our hut twice until we were on the run again to South Africa were applying for refugee status is as difficult as finding a job and a place to sleep.

So I want to start up a restaurant to end my begging days and get financially sustainable.

I applied for refugee status at the Department of home affairs where the interviewing official asked me «why didn’t you stop this game of homosexuality if you realized that your life was in danger» as the interview went on again she asked, «who introduced you to this game of homosexuality.» My application was later rejected for refugee status with statements on the decision letter that I might be a criminal evading criminal proceeding in my country and my country has not said anything about my gender. I was given an asylum permit that allows me to work but not to open a bank account.

This is what I need backing for.

Business plan Investment Costs (all purchased once)

Double Chips Fryer Electric will cost R2, 900 Electric Barbecue griller will cost R1, 246 Heavy Duty Potato Cutter will cost R2, 799

Monthly Costs of production

Electricity R300 per month Takeaway Containers 560 pieces for R500 Cooking oil 10 liters for R400 Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Custard, and Tomato and chili Sauce for R298.

Weekly Costs of Production

Bag of Potatoes 7kgs for R210 Fresh Beef 5kgs for R350 Mega Braai Wors Sausages 5kgs for R200 Chicken Drumsticks 5kgs for R200 Chicken wings 5kgs for R190 Pork 5kgs for R290


  • Cost of serving 50 customers per week (50 X Total Cost of Serving one full platter)
  • Sales to 50 customers per week (50 X Total sales)
  • Unit Turnover from 50 customers per week (50 X Total unit turnover or Total cost of serving 50 customers a week-Total sales to 50 customers per week)
  • Sales to 50 customers per week (50 X Total sales per week)