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Be the 1st floating restaurant Dhow boat in the South East of Zanzibar with a French Chef & local captain. Navigate in the waters of Chakwa Bay, of the side of Michamvi Kae, very famous for its sunset

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Concluded on 20/8/2022

When the kitchen meets the sea...

In South-East Zanzibar, there are no floating restaurants. Our boat «Le Bounty» is the first to be operated, and is also the only one on the island with me (Steff) on board as a French chef, a local captain and a close-knit kitchen team that is also local. We will park the Bounty in the calm waters of Chakwa Bay, near Michamvi Kae, splendidly famous for its magnificent sunset. We have fully equipped the boat so that we can accommodate 24 people at a time in a seat, and we can make two outings a day, one for lunch or even incorporating the possibility of stopping for snorkeling and the other to enjoy the beautiful sunset while savoring a delicious dinner. Enough to take pictures worthy of a postcard setting to remember the magnificent moments of escape.

My project is special because ...

The Bounty is different already because it is really beautiful :) but also because we want to serve Mediterranean, French cuisine with influences from local Swahili cuisine. I draw my influence in the kitchen from chef Eugene Pauli to serve tasty and creative dishes. Here, seafood is a must! Other dishes are available, but the fish and shellfish are so tasty, brought fresh from the sea every morning by local fishermen for whom it is their only financial resource. Zanzibar’s traditional cuisine is influenced by the ancient coast, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Spices abound, and there’s almost always something with curry or coconut (or both) on the menu. It’s a magical moment to be able to enjoy a meal in a setting like this, whether during the day with its variation of blue or when the sun meets the sea for its splendid sunset spectacle.

This is what I need backing for.

Your support will be used to complete the panels, batteries, solar lamps and wind turbines because we want to make maximum use of the natural energy resources offered by the high level of sunshine in Zanzibar. And of course, your support will contribute to the fiberglass coatings, which can be done in 2 months so the Bounty boat can be up and running straight away. And we thank you in advance for your support and support in this project.

The main investment of the acquisition of the Bounty with its transformations made so that the purely local team can work in a pleasant way with the French chef while respecting the standards of hygiene and quality is already acquired. In order to finalize the project smoothly, we need you to please travelers and above all bring them memorable memories by delighting the taste buds and filling their heads with surrounding beauty.