Rewild is...

an avant-garde theatrical concert created by Livia Rita & Artists’. Supported by The Barbican and Rich Mix, mentored by Lea Anderson and Lindsey Kemp.

Rewild explores the concept of creating a dream world within reality as well as the nature of reality itself. We follow as the protagonist attempts to re-invent reality, and encourages us to do the same. Adulthood and the human experience is explored through the use of play, and the meaning, emotion and aliveness we can find in life itself.

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Music / Performance

The music is taken from Livia Rita’s debut album Rewild, which she sings live accompanied by a band of three musicians. Wild, brutal sounds meet dreamlike and vulnerable melodies in surprising and adventurous ways.

An actor and two dancers visualise the music by creating a live music video onstage, guiding the audience with playful narratives through the changing ambiances of the concert.

Over a period of months the project’s musical geniuses have searched for new sounds and ways to create the tracks with new technologies and an interesting combination of analog and digital sounds.


Each bespoke costume has been designed by the project’s lead artist Livia Rita. The 80’s inspired costumes are developed to merge with each musical feature. They have been designed to symbolise boldness and a celebratory approach to emotions.

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Aim — Where support is needed

Over a period of two weeks in London we have worked in a melding pot of research and development, merging together each creative area of the project to make an artistic explosion in the form of a production. We are now taking this show on a tour of Switzerland. We aim to form a strong link between London’s art scene and Switzerland’s, this will start off the relationship.

For this beautiful task we will need to bring to life our most ambitious ideas, which will be costly to recreate over many shows. The costume and props which we will make from scratch will need extravagant and unconventional materials, sourced from far and wide. As we intend to help the arts thrive, we want to pay everyone involved fairly, however with such a large scale project this is a costly task!

Most imperatively, to build this bridge in art we will first need to cross an ocean! Travel costs throughout the tour will be high and we’ll need to feed our performers too, as empty stomachs don’t make for good shows!

Any amount, large or small, will go a long way for us and we will be sure to repay your gratitude with wonderful art for you to feast on! Check out our list of perks!

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