The trio, introducing the Austrian pianist with Polish roots Richard Seniow, was formed in January 2015. After numerous collaborations and productions with various artists, he decided to form a trio, that has yet to bring his unreleased compositions and arrangements onto the stage, as well as a record that is timeless but on point with its musical message. With Marko Ferlan on bass and Lukas Fellner on drums the three musicians have managed to create a fresh new sound, encompassing all of their stylistic influences and forming a unity that is very special in its essence.
Richard Seniow has been awarded with the Julius-Raab-Scholarship and a cultural grant by the city of Graz for his studies in Paris from 2015-2017.

Our project is special because ...

This record includes original and unreleased compositions by Richard, who has found his musical home somewhere between jazz, hip-hop and classical music, along with contemporary interpretations of various jazz standards. Over time the three musicians have developed a passion for covering dance hits from the 90’s, which they have cleverly molded into their own stylistical playing.

We can anticipate a cool record of contemporary jazz along with traditional pop elements, sprinkled with spontaneous vocabulary of the three musicians classical backgrounds.

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This is what we need backing for

In order for us to realise this project and for you to hear it, we will need your support to cover the following costs:

  • Studio costs
  • Audio technician
  • Hard copies
  • Graphic designer
  • Video production