Single entrepreneur, single parent and full of motivation!

A brief but severe flood flooded the entire store on Thursday evening, June 24, 2021.

This flood led to a total loss. Thus within a short time 3.5 years of reconstruction were destroyed. The planned «finally finished - exhibition» in July must now be postponed.

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Help save tradition!

There has never been such a flood since 1950. Because since then the name Woodtly, inseparable from bicycle, is present at the current location. Despite this long history, my store is back at zero. I have reinvested in the past 3.5 years without outside capital and with a lot of own work to move forward, slower than desired.

Currently, the global bicycle market is not easy - there is a shortage of materials and waiting times of several months. All these reasons do not stop me from continuing. It is wonderful to see how great the sympathy and help is.

In the 3.5 years I have been able to meet many loving customers. I want to offer my customers an experience and the joy of the wind and nature. All this accompanies me since my childhood - I would like to pass this on to new customers and you.

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Insured - Yes / Profit - No

In order to be there for you again as soon as possible, I ask for your help. Due to the total loss, apart from all the love and the effort made, also the complete profit and the deductible of 10% are lost. For the latter I can do nothing and ask for your support. The love and the effort I keep of course. As often heard, every cent counts. So you can soon again enjoy the ride with Woodtly Bicycle Shop, thank you very much!