Who we are?

The ProNatura youth group Jeunes+Nature in Neuchâtel is at the origin of this project.

You can find out more about our partners and the leader of the project on following links:

  • Pro Natura Neuchâtel: https://www.pronatura-ne.ch/fr/projet-rivjeka-2020
  • CEM, Center for Youth Education Travnik: https://cem.ba/
  • Movetia, National Agency for Exchange and Mobility: https://www.movetia.ch
  • CZZS - Center for ecology https://czzs.org/?lang=en

We want to create a lasting partnership with the CEM, a similar youth group in Travnik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are motivated swiss and Bosnian people who want to discover and share our respective cultures and discuss our lands’ environmental challenges. To allow this to happen, we are going to spend two weeks together in Switzerland and in Bosnia.


What do we believe in?

Together, we want to protect our rivers. We want to highlight their significance, whether it be ecological, cultural, political and more.

We are going to learn more about the climate crisis and its effects on water accessibility, agriculture and biodiversity.

One aspect of water protection we are going to focus on is the excessive construction of hydroelectric plants on rivers, something that critically threatens bosnian rivers currently.

With our combined experiences, we are also going to establish a youth group for nature protection in Travnik.

As soon as the sanitary restrictions allows it, we will organize public events to present the Rivjeka project to the people of our respective countries.


What we are missing?

You can help us carry out our project! You could help us with a donation to finance our exchange project, to meet our partners in Bosnia with excursions to riversides and meetings with experts on river protection, as well as for the establishment of a new youth group for nature in Travnik. Thank you very much !