Hope will be hope.By Ozkan, on 10/10/2019 19:13

It has been a week and I cannot say that I have made an audience.The art that I create is a subject of discussion but the art herself is limitless; whether approved or not.

By the way, there is a war a hundred kilometers south to geography I live in and we and I, have faced a lot of dramas, tragedies and many incidents.War should not be the way to express feelings, to achieve human potential and to impress someone but art is the way; with a few kind words and capability of create something worthy to inspire shall be the aim.

Importance of this book is not something which as an item I create to be proud of, a chance to have a heavenly lifestyle, money to satisfy luxurious desires and a big house nor a new car: but it is a proof of my capability, creativity and imaginary potential.

I will be or might be able to teach my knowledge in graphic design if I, unluckily these are the rules that apply, prove my capability of art.I will be successful and I believe that because my cousin, whatever I create, always says «Oh my God, is it really yours?».I have gifted many artworks to her :)

And with a few words; whether the circumstances are not promising, art will be art and hope will be hope.



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