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«An Art Book with Inspirational Hand Drawn Paintings»

Whether it is supported or not, I send my sincere thanks for viewing my project. Before telling the memories which has started a few days ago before I complete my submission to WeMakeIt, I would like to give information about the physical properties of the book which are; **An art book with selected images from my portfolio available for purchase on stock image companies. **16cmx24cm 100 pages color book with high quality art print. **Designed as a coffee table book to decorate a shelf or table with inspiration. Now I would like to tell the joyful experiences with the publishing companies that I sent the very concept of the «Romantic Emotions in Motion» book.Until I tell that the images are mine, the publishing companies are not convinced to publish; the editor told me that I must spent a lot to purchase the artworks which are in the design on the book but, I said «They are mine.» Then the editor has immediately changed the idea and said «We are in.» This was the first. Another joyful conversation was about the format of the book; I would like to publish the best and fancy, but the editor is in the mood of making it real with professional sentences, options and how to’s to publish the book not in the cheapest way but in the best option available.We changed designs, size, formats everything but not the images.By the way like the artworks, the design of the book, which is accepted, is completed by me from size to format and «Romantic Emotions in Motion» book is, except paper, publishing and distribution, will be all my design. But, one thing that discourage my ideas of my first art book; the «Buyers will not be many.» sentence is the last recommendation of the editor but also said «If you become successful we will work you for a long time until you stop creating artworks.» That was the funny experiences and joyful time before everything has been settled about my first art book when sending my designs to publishing agencies.

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«More Alive»

So, the book and my funding project on WeMakeIt.com: I am a graphic designer mostly work on abstract designs which are well approved on Stock Image sector and also in art print sector. The idea of the book is; I would like to inspire more people with the designs which are not on the wall but something that they can touch and view, something more alive. This is the sentence that I can summarize this project and with only two words; «More Alive»…

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What I am asking, costs and the where the funds will be spent:

**Major cost covers publishing, distribution and media announcements which an agreement has been made with a publishing company with a fixed price. **Another cost is, the postage of the books to libraries, fashion institutes and agencies.It might be asked why that is in project fund and the reason is, within my country the postage is cheap but international costs of shipments, via mail or cargo, are expensive than the price of the book which I cannot afford in this step of the project. *And also I have calculated a few unexpected cost for the things that I have not experienced.