A live multimedia performance, involving audiovisual projection, dance, music composition and poetry. First cut will be presented in Piazza Manzoni, Lugano, on August 22, 2015.

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What is ROOM 306.

ROOM 306 is a live multimedia performance, involving audiovisual projection, dance, music composition and poetry.

It has a modular personality: It can be experienced as a music performance, theatre & dance show, site specific, film or concept platform.

Filming ROOM 306.

During the end of July and August we will be in film production for the audiovisual part of the project.

We will be shooting in several locations in Lugano, Ticino (CH).

The story.

The story revolves around a crime scene. The dead body of a young woman in room 306 sparks an investigation. As our Narrator comes more and more involved in the elucidation of the facts, he realises his own responsibility in the act of the crime.

When will it be presented.

A first cut will be presented as a live music and audiovisual performance in Piazza Manzoni, Lugano, Switzerland, on Saturday 22nd of August.

How are we investing your support.

With your help we will cover production costs for the audiovisual production of Room 306: Set material, costumes & masks, technical & lighting solutions, rigging equipment, as well as technicians, production staff and cast members.

A bit of backstory.

ROOM 306 is the outcome of work done for Miss Understanding, a dance and live music and performance piece presented both in theatre (Teatro Foce, Lugano) and WKND dance club during 2014.

The richness of material now finds its translation into an audiovisual journey accompanied by a live music performance.

Who we are.

Masnàda Associazione is a non-profit tax-exempt organisation that promotes and nourishes a common creative process through multiple artistic and productive scenarios. It is product oriented. Its activity is manifested through the conception of Creative Universes.

A small nucleus of production carries the work frame and vision of the group, directing the creative space with expertise in theatre, music, dance, filmmaking, publishing andvisual arts in general, as well as establishing links with local and international artists.

Artists involved.

  • Felix Bachmann Quadros. Writer, Director, Performer. Swiss – Uruguayan born director, actor, writer and producer with experience in film and theatre since childhood. He has carried out his profession internationally in U.K, Latin America, Europe and Asia. He is an advocate for emerging creative realities, forger of creative life and fervour. Researcher into creative language, Felix relates to constant technological development and placing a sense of vacuum into expressive dynamics today.
  • Manuela Bernasconi. Movement Director, Performer. Manuela’s love for dance started at a very young age. This offered her a fascinating understanding of how the body forms through time. A way of life she carries on a daily basis sharing her experience with students from all stages of life. Having studied and worked extensibly in Italy and France she continues her research in expressive language with recurrent international travels.
  • Luca Congedo. Music Composition, Performer. Born in Legnano (MI), Luca studies percusion at the Musikhochschule della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano under guidance of professor Bernard Wulff. Studies Cymbalom at the Conservatoire National of Strasburg with professor L. Gaggero, perfecting his studies with percussionists as A. Bettger, S.Geber, L. Nakamura, F. Hauser, T. Miyazaki, M.Queen, M. Kaul. He has collaborated with renewed composers as: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Sylvano Bussotti, Toshio Hosokawa, Mchel Jarrel, Alvin Curran.
  • Francesca Sproccati. Choreography, Performer.Graduated from SPID in Milan, to then continue her studies in contemporary dance in Lausanne, and Vienna. She completes her formation at Linga company of Lausanne, Ultima Vez of Bruxelles and the Batscheca Dance Company of Tel Aviv.
  • Lisa Foletti. Set design. Has studies at DAMU in Prague, Czech Republic. From the encounter with professor and scenographer Jan Dušek and his colleagues, Lisa profoundly orientates her interests, scenographic significance and theatrical.
  • Paolo Brandi. Sound Director, Systems Engineer. Paolo Brandi graduates in Physics at the Università degli Studi di Torino and studies acoustics and psicoacoustics at the Politecnico di Torino; he achieves a Master in Sound Engineering with honours at the Univesrtià degli Studi di Roma «Tor Vergata». He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Room 306 is a Masnàda Associazione production in collaboration with MotoPerpetuo.