Who are we?

We are a young Mexican.Swiss couple, together we came up whith a flavorfull menu of vegan and vegetarien tacos made whith hand made tortillas, lots of love, a vast array of organic and local products. We offer this menu at markets throughout the south-east of Switzerland.

Our taco stand is made from recycled wood, boards, and other pre-owned items that together create a working table whith cabinets to keep our cooking utensils.

Our Lifestyle

A healthy life style showing respect to humanity, the enviroment, and this beautifull planet, where our goal is to make organic, vegetarian & vegan delicious cuisine accessible to as many people as possible and benefit the consumers as well as local farmers.

Our Business

Roulote a Tacos

...By the Path of Shooting Stars

Products and Services

We offer vegan and vegetarian tacos, based on Mexican and international recipes, made with fresh organic and local products, accompany with drinks made out of fruit and vegetable juices, hot drinks such as Chai with coconut milk, hot chocolate with almond milk, delicious vegan desserts, etc. All made with organic and local products.
We offer spirulina, olive oil with spices and a blend of grains to go with all of our dishes or to take home.
We also provide entertainment for kids between 4 and 14 years old during events such as birthdays, weddings, family reunions, etc. We put together «scavenger hunts» «Mini Olympic Games» and many more surprises!


Our beautiful stand where we make our menu items, arts and crafts. Thus it needs to be replaced for an actual food truck allowing us to work in all kinds of weather more efficiently and cater to wider audience, such as festivals and bigger events.
Our multi-use van which also requires more space and seats for our kids, since they are homeschooled and travel with us wherever we go.

Why do we need your help?

We are in need of CHF 25’000 (please refer to www.surlaroutedesetoilesfilantes.com ), but we are only asking for CHF 13’000 which will help to buy a used food truck to be able to work in all weather conditions. With this we will free up some space in our van to fit our 6 kids along with everything necessary for their home schooling such as books, learning toys, school supplies as well as pillows and blankets for longer trips.
In order for us to provide our products to a larger number of people, we must renovate our current taco stand, acquire some industrial cooking utensils to replace of the ones we are using now and have some money on hand to pay reservation fees for the spot to be able to participate in festivals in our area where we will offer our products to larger audiences and boadened our clientele network.