We will tack to Tokyo 2020

We want to represent Switzerland at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, for the first time ever in the women’s class 49er FX. It’s still a long way to go, where every day on the water counts! The first step will take us to New Zealand this winter. In the City of Sails, Auckland, we’ll have perfect sailing conditions: steady winds, water temperatures above 10 degrees, a top coach and the best skiff sailors of the world. We’ll be well prepared for the first regatta season with your help!

You’ll be sailing with us!

Every successful sports team can count on a strong support team,- a big team. We want you to be part of our team, be with us when we’re training, share our adventures, our highs and lows. With a small amount you’ll be on board: your name on our sail will spur us on, every single day.


Why do we need your support?

In New Zealand, we’ll be training 60 days on the water. We’ll need a 49er FX, a professional sailing coach with rib, a car to get us and the boat around, two beds, protein shakes, bandages, shark deterrent and a lot more. We’re financing most of it, but we’re still missing a third. This is your call:

Come on board, be part of our team and support our journey to the Olympics 2020!

Rewards for you

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And a big thank you!

LUNA Sailing and LINE Sailing, what a match! Thanks for sponsoring the sailing lessons!