The SALZ VITALHEATER is a super-economical and wonderful infrared heater. Additional health benefits: Infrared cabin substitute plus maritime climate for the living room. Appeared on 2Min2Mio.


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Concluded on 26/4/2021


The SALT VITALHEATER is an infrared halogen radiant heater similar to those used on terraces but is encased in salt bricks as a thermal storage mass. Prior to our invention, these heating lamps were only equipped with a reflector. With our SALT VITALHEATER we have therefore created a true innovation. Our patented idea brings together for the very first time the advantages of infrared halogen radiant heaters (directly perceptible radiant heat) with the outstanding thermal storage capacity of salt components.


Our combination of infrared radiant heat and salt bricks allows you to achieve energy savings of 50% compared to conventional heaters. We call this idea the SALT VITALHEATER or also a «HEATING POINT». Because of its comfortable radiant warmth and attractive play of colours, the SALT VITALHEATER becomes a comfortable «meeting point» for people and pets.

Additional health benefits also make this invention a «HEALING POINT».

A) Salt ions are released through heating the salt bricks and change the climate of the room in your home as if you are breathing sea air or air in a salt grotto. The salt air in the room has a healing effect on the respiratory tract. It alleviates symptoms among asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

B) The infrared halogen thermal lamps are the same as those used in infrared cabins – the SALT VITALHEATER can therefore also be used as an infrared cabin. However, it is also very attractive to the eye and is portable. The air in your room becomes finer, and the heaters of course also offer enormous energy savings. Infrared thermal radiation feels extraordinarily good, promotes the circulation of blood and strengthens the immune system as a result. Infrared thermal radiation alleviates joint pain as well as pain caused by tension. Infrared radiation also offers health benefits if you have a cold.


The output of the SALT VITALHEATER can be easily controlled with a stepless rotating knob. By reducing the amount of electricity into the heater you can change the intensity of warmth and at the same time the intensity of light. Regulating the SALT VITALHEATER is intuitive, not only by the amount of warmth (felt) but also by the amount of light (visually). By regulating the temperature you are therefore able to achieve a wonderful lighting effect.

Environmental impact – A quick detour into the «3 Pillars of a Sustainable Energy Economy» (from «The Limits to Growth», Club of Rome, 1972):

Pillar 1: Energy efficiency – Minimizing energy consumption with a set output

Pillar 2: Energy consistency – Covering energy requirements through renewable energy sources

Pillar 3: Energy sufficiency – Limiting energy requirements at a given standard of comfort

How the three pillars relate to our SALT VITALHEATER:

  • Conventional IR heaters fulfill pillars 1 and 2
  • Through its intuitive control, our invention also fulfils pillar 3. But there’s more to it than this:
  • We can complement the three pillars with an additional pillar of 98% recyclable materials in our SALT VITALHEATER:

Pillar 4: Circular economy – or cradle2cradle capability of the SALT VITALHEATER.

Planned longevity is very close to our hearts. This is guaranteed through the robustness and modular design of our SALT VITALHEATER.

We offer:

10 year guarantee on salt bricks

3 year guarantee on electrics

The SALT VITALHEATER has a modular design. If required, the individual parts can be easily exchanged.

Through our invention we are seeking to contribute to climate protection.

A few ideas about this:

Two-thirds of all energy consumed in private households is used for generating warmth.

85% of thermal energy generation is by burning fossil fuels, only 15% through renewable energy sources – with the accompanying carbon dioxide and fine dust pollution through this type of energy generation.

Two-thirds of all electricity is already generated through renewable energy (RE) – with a strong, upward trend.

This is what I need backing for.

  • With the idea of the SALT VITALHEATER we want to be a game changer in the field of infrared heating technology.

  • We want to have a positive impact on current heating technologies – and therefore on the environment.

  • The SALT VITALHEATER offers the basis for developing and financing other ideas within the scope of this patent.

We have been working since 2015 without loans from banks or suppliers, and without government assistance.

Our SALT VITALHEATER project is our way of striving to successfully develop and bring to market in serial production a sustainable project without having to resort to conventional means of financing – instead with true partners.

We have already successfully achieved this on a regional basis. Now we need the feedback and your support through pre-orders from the crowd in order to also make this product a success on the international market.

Even if you can’t or don’t wish to make a financial contribution, we would nevertheless like to hear your feedback on the current heating situation and associated environmental impact. How in your opinion can we transform energy consumption in heating technology?