Who is Sandro Marzo?

We are an independent Swiss fashion label and we create and produce high-end fashion for men. The label is run by me, Sandro Marzo (Design), Flavio Crüzer (Business Development), Pete Dominkovits (Art Direction), Marius von Holleben (Communications) and Lionel Schüpbach (Legal).

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A real passion

Since more than three years we dedicate every spare minute to making sandro marzo a success – and that does not mean to make big money but to be able to create and produce beautiful and authentic clothes together with our Swiss and EU-based manufactories. Clothes that are made out of 100% natural materials and can be worn both by men and women.

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How it started

In 2011, after graduating from HGK Basel I decided to put everything I got into my own label. During my studies I did an internship for the then-breaking designer Boris Bidjan Saberi in Barcelona and learned a lot about how to run a business. Right from the beginning we were focusing on the particularity of traditional textiles and craftsmanship and managed to produce our first collection entirely in Switzerland. Today, three years later we are still here.

Why support us?

Today we stand at a crucial point. After three successful collections we finally attracted the interest of many people and managed to establish ourselves as a newcomer. Now, we have the chance to take the next step. But we need your support in order to do that and to produce our next, the fourth collection – Spring/ Summer 2015. By backing our project you will enable us to continue working on what we believe most in.

What will happen with the money

The collection will contain approximately 40 single pieces from T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, knitwear pullovers, jackets to short pants, long Pants and even shoes.

The money will be used entirely to realize this collection. Basically it will pay for:

  • all textiles, garments, buttons and other used materials
  • the shipping of textiles to the manufactures (incl. custom fees)
  • the production of the prototypes
  • the production of the actual clothes
  • the shipping of the clothes back to us (incl. custom fees)

What do you get out of this

Many people supported us so far but now we need your help to take the next step and produce the Spring/ Summer Collection 2015. In exchange for your support you can receive various rewards.

First of all you can get great discounts (25% and 50%) on direct orders for the SS15 collection. Here you order directly via us and the items will shipped to you in January 2015.

But there are also many nice original pieces from the last two collections, a strictly limited & signed fanzine, exclusive accessoires and some special individual invitations to the presentation of the collection in Paris waiting for you.

We thank you for every support!

For more information about sandro marzo please click here or read this article (German) or this one (English). Or just sign up for the newsletter on our website.

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Wir danken dir für deine Unterstützung!

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