This is what it's all about.

My oldest brother Michael Czech has lived in South Africa since 1975. He has always been very committed to children there. My second brother Andi and I have always been happy to support him from afar. Now Michael has started a bigger project with his youngest daughter in 2020 where my support is no longer sufficient. But with your help it will succeed. A day care center and a preschool center in Cosmo City, Randburg/Roodepoort (Greater Johannesburg). They offer babysitting, childcare, preschool from age 2 to grade R and tutoring in English and math up to grade 4. The project has started well, but unfortunately there have been some setbacks due to Corona and a small playground in the garden is still missing. In a country with 11 official languages, most children grow up speaking their mother tongue. English is the most important mother tongue, but not the most common. Schooling, however, is predominantly in English. While there are honest attempts by the government to provide access to higher education for all language groups, there are simply not enough resources to successfully implement such projects. In my time as a playgroup leader, I have noticed that foreign-language children who learned some German in the playgroup had a much easier time in kindergarten. This is why this project is very important to us, because children who attend first grade with little or no knowledge of English miss out on a good foundation in elementary school and are therefore at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is important that preschools provide a good foundation in English and simple math. This is even more important in communities where indigenous languages are the norm, such as here in Cosmo City.

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My project is special because ...

We teach the children the English language in care, so that they can start school well prepared. Likewise, we teach first steps in mathematics in a playful way, as much is based on this subject. We also sensitize the children for their environment and the rich animal world with small excursions in the surrounding area. What you know, you protect.

This is what I need backing for.

With your support we will first pay the rent debts and the outstanding salaries of the teachers.

Then we will build a playground in the garden.