Preservation of the «LangstrassenKultur»

Due to the pandemic, the government ordered a ban on all public gatherings from December 2020 on. It is difficult to tell how long these measures will apply.

The association and the location LangstrassenKultur have existed since 2013. Now we are facing a huge challenge: We survived the first lockdown in spring thanks to our scarce savings. Our resources do not allow us to repeat that - we don’t see ourselves in a position to survive again. That is why we want to ask you for your help.

As a low-threshold, unregulated house, we like to contrast the increasing gentrification of Langstrasse. This drastic changes around us is a reality that we acknowledge. Nevertheless, we believe that, especially in this district, places of refuge and informal encounters for subcultures and people of all backgrounds must be safeguarded. Intercultural dialogue, inclusion and diversity should be preserved for the Langstrasse district at all costs. We kindly ask you for your support.


Our agenda

«Langstrassenkultur» wants to be perceived as an inclusive place. Its intentions are collective experiences and allowing space for discourse. By refusing to commit itself programmatically, it is precisely this friction that creates dialog and community.

We were gallery, theater stage, literature house, public viewing arena, concert and performance space, café for exchange, pop-up restaurant and also a studio. We deliberately keep about 40% of our event calendar free. We understand our house as a changeable place, whose perception we would like to challenge and reinterpret together with friends and interested parties of LangKult. You are also cordially invited to join this process!


Why we need your support

Gatherings of all kinds are prohibited until the end of February 2021; regular operations are unattainable in the foreseeable future. According to the federal government, events were theoretically possible in the months of October to December 2020, but they would hardly have been feasible in practice and would have been irresponsible in view of the circumstances. De facto, we are out of business since September 2020. That is why we are facing existential problems, as we can no longer afford our rental costs, additionally the burdens from the first lockdown are still being felt. With your help we can survive until early summer 2021, hoping that the imposed measures will be loosened by then, so we can hopefully welcome you again.

If we receive more than the amount we are aiming for, we will know how to use this money effectively. The need for renovation of such an old house is considerable; officially it is still registered as a storage building (the house was built in the 1950s). By sealing and replacing the old and partially damaged windows, we could significantly increase the insulation in the house, thus installing a more ecological heating system as a next step.

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