On June 10. Switzerland is the first country in the world to vote on Internet censorship. In order for us to prevent network blockages, we depend on your help!

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Toegether against censorship!

The swiss casino lobby is looking forward to the 10th of June. If she wins the ballot, she will be able to increase her annual profits even further. To protect their monopoly, casino lobbyists pushed very hard for blocking foreign websites. This network blocking will lead to a more insecure internet and to a bigger black market. The victims of this new policy are the approximately 70,000 gambling addicts in Switzerland. But as an internet user, you are affected as well!

Your help is worth gold!

In order for us to be able to spread our arguments in the voting campaign against the gambling law, we need money. The casino lobby has a campaiging budets with multiple millions of swiss francs. The swiss casino lobby is working with a campaign agency called «Goal», who already did campaigns for right-wing populist parties like the AFD (Germany) or FPÖ (Austria).

This is what we need backing for.

We countersteer: Faces of our campaign are not politicians but people like you and me, who benefit from the free Internet every day. Together we want to show that the use of funds from this Crowdfundig is 100% transparent and will be published on our committee website.

With open photoshoots in Zurich and Bern, we were able to create more than a hundred portraits of people whose daily life is decisively enhanced by the free Internet. These pictures will be distributed and promoted.

We will graphically process facts, pictures and videos on social media. In addition, a flyer will be produced, which will bring our activists to the woman and to the man.