Help us preserve our artistic legacy

The cultural heritage problem in the Middle East is apparent, as we watch the news of the destruction of objects and archaeological sites with horror. We are revolted by such acts but how do we deal with this loss?

In Europe too, monuments and cultural objects are at risk. They might not be blown up but they fall into disrepair for lack of resources or lose their identity under the pressure of promotors.

Paintings, fragile items

Among the cultural heritage, paintings play a modest role but their complexity requires particular attention. A painted work is composed of different layers which form a heterogeneous whole. Its balance depends therefore on the painting’s conditions of conservation.


Solutions to preserve and transmit them

With the support of François Hild and John-Eric Dufour, mechanical and technology researchers, and also with that of Antonio Iaccarino Idelson, art conservator-restorer specialized in the treatment of supports; we have established a research program studying the different method of canvas stretching to assess the influence of each one on the ageing of different works.

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Why we need you

We need to build a climate chamber which could contain several samples of paintings. Within the chamber, the humidity and temperature will vary in order to cause deformations and to fatigue the painting components.

The funds raised will allow us to buy the basic equipment necessary for the construction of the climate chamber. If the amount of money needed is exceeded, it will be invested in equipment placed inside the chamber.

What will you gain helping us?

By taking part in our project, you will receive your very own «chapelle». «Chapelles» are part of artistic project which is taking place in Swiss cities. They are paper or wood constructions which shelter a blurred picture of a sculpture, or a painting, or a piece of architecture or any other cultural object. They are colourful, eye-catching and they encourage us to think about the future of the objects photographed.

For further information, have a look at our website: and do not hesitate to leave us a message.

Thank you for having taken the time to read that explanation and if you would be part of the project, join us!

Sébastien Grau

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