Schraeg / Askew Book

by Rudolf Stüssi

Gruyères and Berlin

Richly illustrated 120-page monograph covering last 15 years of prize-winning paintings by Swiss-Canadian artist Rudolf Stussi. Intro by HR Giger. Berlin’s famous nicolai is the Publisher.

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Concluded on 8/9/2014

Schraeg / Askew, pictures from the 5th persepctive by Rudolf Stüssi

The best 140 paintings, illustrations, and murals from Berlin, Switzerland and Canada plus many other countries are reproduced, interspersed with 14 autobiographical stories and a critical text by Berlin journalist Michaela Nolte. There is also a chapter on my revolutionary 5th Perspective.

The foreword was written by my friend HR Giger shortly before his tragic death. He was the inspiration for much of the thematic/figurative work.

The definitive new bilingual (German/English) 120-page book on my work of the last 15 years, to be produced by the historic nicolai publishing house in Berlin.

The exhibitions

The book is meant to accompany upcoming exhibitions:

  • At the Galerie Reichlin in Kuessnacht a R. (Switzerland) from Aug 30 to Sept 20, 2014
  • The Galerie Taube in Berlin from Sept 12 to Nov 22, 2014
  • Galerie Crameri, Chur, October, 2014
  • The HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres (Switzerland) from March to Aug, 2015.

Individuals involved in the publication: Celine Odermatt, graphic designer.

It promises to be the major book on my art for decades to come.

Your support

I have had significant support from the galleries and museum listed totalling €6000, plus private support for another €2000.

This however is not enough to cover all of the publication contribution (which had to be raised due to the increased number pages from the original draft) incl. VAT for publisher nicolai, plus the cost of retrieving material from Canada and Switzerland and the essential services of the graphic designer. I therefore am looking for at least another € 5300. I need your help to make this unique book happen.