Imagine something crazy. Close an eye, and become a pirate.

This is a kind of magic that we forget while growing up.

It is from that saddening observation that the project of Sémédée started off. For 18 minutes, this tale will lead you to another universe, far away from numbers, engagements and everyday constraints.


What is it exactly?

Sémédée is a short movie mixing 3D animation and traditional shooting, between 15 and 18 minutes, en creation, made by young artists passionate about the seventh art.

The shooting will take place during the month of July, and the movie will come out end of September.

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Why should you support us?

  • Because you would be supporting the graduation project of a young movie director from Valais, with a bright future.
  • Because how said John F. Kennedy: «If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.» Therefore culture deserves your support.
  • You will have the opportunity to earn unusual prices.
  • Because good material is needed to make good movies, and it is expensive.


A god has a crush on a young woman whose voice is amazing. After her refusal, he rapes her and she gets pregnant.

She runs away and hides for 9 months. But when she gives birth, her screams lead the god back to her and wants to force her to kill her kid. She refuses and sacrifices herself by stabbing herself in the heart. The god abandons the baby, sure that he will not survive.

However, Ekeko, a hermit, finds the baby and takes care of him, in his ancient library.

Reaching adolescence, Sémédée meets his father who rejects him disdainfully. The semi-god will then have to face his emotions, control his power and chose his destiny.


25 active, qualified and motivated young people are working passionately on this project.

Shams Abou El Enein, Director

«Long before learning to read, I was being told stories from dawn to dusk, to put me to sleep, to wake me up, or simply to entertain me.

Then I started to scour libraries, reading everything I could lay my hands on. Meanwhile, I also started writing, drawing and telling stories.

Beginning of 2014, my short movie Emerentia ended up in the sixth bests out of 287 in the «bloody cuts horror film contest» an international competition of short horror movies, started up by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton.»

«Sémédée is my next project, for which I work with enthusiasm and passion.»

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