Chili and the Whalekillers at Iceland Airwaves

For a long time playing at Iceland Airwaves has been dream of ours at Chili and the Whalkillers. It is one of the most important festivals around, inviting only the most interesting new acts from all over, focusing on presenting musicians mainly from Iceland, USA, Canada and Scandinavia to an international audience of music lovers, the music-industry and media.

So playing at Iceland Airwaves would be a huge honor and an opportunity we definitely do not want to miss, especially given the fact that we have not been able to play in Iceland since our single «Turn» shot up into the third place of the Icelandic radio charts, last year.

We Hope For Your Support

Now, such a trip is no small thing for a five-piece band along with a crew of two and thus we want to ask for support – Help make ourntrip UP NORTH a reality!

Bank Austria’s Art Award has already pledged to provide a third of our goal – So we don’t have too far to go!

No One Leaves Empty Handed

Pledge any amount of your choosing and wait for the postman to ring, or for us to come serenade you! All we have to offer can be found in the sidebar, except our love, that’s for free

Send us to Iceland!