#serious, adjective [/ˈsɪə.ri.əs/]. – not joking or intended to be funny. [after verb] determined to follow a particular plan of action.

#graph, adjective [from french. graphie].-mainly US [UK usually graphical /ˈɡræf.ɪ.kəl/] relating to, using, or consisting of a graph or graphs.

A lot of people try to find t-shirts with particular stamps and some of them find it online, but most people don’t know exactly what’s inside the stamps. Most part of the stamps are made with thermopressure technic which means fix plastic on your t-shirt. This technic is harmful to your body and to the environment, but there are stamping and serigraph technics with non-toxic water-based ink.


The #seriagraph project

As a designer in visual comunication, I usually create logos and graphics. Inspired by my nerd/vintage/hipster passions and trying to find clothes related to the theme. I realized that in Ticino and North of Italy, there aren’t any business with water-based ink.

So, my project is to build an atelier with all the serigraph instruments to offer a service on creating and printing on textils (t-shirts, shirts, bags, shoppers, etc). NEWS: now also pillows and many other tissues!

3 categories of Graphics

  • #seria_hipster
  • #seria_nerd
  • #seria_vintage

Theses categories represent most part of the costumers, from 16 to 45/50 years old, and every month, through social networks and the website, they can discover the new creations and the limited editions. So, stay tunned!

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Why Are You Precious?

Supporting the Seriagraph Project you’ll be part of the construction of a serigraph atelier with machines, inks and all the things necessary to make true this dream. This way, it’s possible to recreate an artistic hub in Ticino, one that is missing for decades.

You can also rediscover the pleasure of wearing inked textiles, withouth harmful substances to your body and to the environment, because we want a eco-friendly brand, fashion and modern.

For a Noble Purpose

If there’s any money in plus, it will be used to support the Abaeté Association, a Swiss non- profit organization which operates in favor of children and teenagers who live in the «favelas» of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. For more information acess: abaete.org.