What is «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk»?

Over the time of four years you will be taken on a rollercoaster trip in the Chinese underground and witness the transformation of Superman and me as a couple through time. «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» pays tribute to a Chinese anti-hero who lives his punk life in poverty during an era of modern China, in which almost everybody is busy with getting wealthy. The photo book is divided into five chapters named after the colours of Superman’s changing hair-do.

«Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» is coloured with love and anger, it shows an identity building process of two individuals in a city that is reinventing itself day-by-day. Told through the eyes of a foreigner, the story reveals a life between intimacy and anonymity in a 25 million metropolis like Shanghai.

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Who is Superman?

A 24-year-old Punk from Shanghai, hair virtuoso, free spirit, Van-Gogh-lover, pop-hater, guitarist and wanna-be-gibson-owner, alcohol- and work-denier, long sleeper, jasmine person, film junkie, Nietzsche-Reader, diary writer, art painter, wanna-be-Buddhist, night philosopher and soulmate.

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With your help the photo book «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» will be published next spring by Offizin Zürich Publishing House. For the design of the book I chose to work with Marge Fellerer from Collibri in Bern.

«Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» will:

  • include some text in order to provide some vital information about Superman and the Chinese Punk scene,
  • contain approx. 220 pages in total, incl. 200 colour and b/w-pictures, of which most of them are analogue,
  • be published with hardcover (19x25cm) in an edition of 1000 pieces.


In order to get «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» printed and published, further costs of CHF 20’000 will accumulate. The funds will be used for the design and the printing of the book.

By sponsoring «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk», you will help to:

  • Encourage underground art and freedom of expression,
  • Promote analogue photography in digital times,
  • Build a bridge to a deeper understanding of China.