Who am I and what is SHIFTED?

Hello, my name is Vasco, I am an architect by day and an aspiring comic book creator by night. I started working on SHIFTED about a year ago and I discovered very quickly that it is a project that I am very passionate about and it motivates me to to invest my time and money into it.

This summer I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the printing of the first issue and it was a humble success. One of the great things about self-publishing is that you have a direct connection with your readers and you are able to create a small community around your comic. By sharing my project here on WeMakeIt I hope to engage potential readers on a smaller scale (Switzerland) who would be proud to support a local (100% home-made) project.

The aim of this campaign is to fund the printing of the second 20-page issue of SHIFTED and to lay the groundwork for an ongoing series. Naturally, everyone who supports this campaign will receive the comic as a reward, so it is almost like a sort of pre-order.

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What is the comic book about?

The year 2195. This is where the young college student Duncan Evans realizes that he is farther away from home than he could have ever imagined. 178 years away, to be exact. If that wasn’t enough, he quickly discovers that he has been granted with a miraculous power to disappear and reappear somewhere else in a flash, which brings him to the attention of a cult of evil monks bent on using his abilities to change the course of mankind. Luckily he is discovered by Ruben Vos - a grumpy-looking but kind-hearted fellow time traveler who offers him a place to stay in this strange new present. So the adventure begins!

SHIFTED is an intricately woven story, driven by a melting pot of fish-out-of-water characters and set in a distant and yet not so unfamiliar (to us) future. It is an action-packed, drama-infused and comedy-sprinkled epic adventure full of mystery, imagination and superpowers.

SHIFTED is an English-language comic because it matches the art and style of the comic book genre (just like all bande dessinées are in French). It is aimed at teenagers and yound adults and does not include scenes of horrific violence, foul language or nudity.

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Where does the money go and what do YOU get for it?

Since I do everything myself (writing, drawing, lettering, page layout and print preparation, marketing, etc.) I do not need massive amounts of money in order to pay a dedicated team of experts. The only thing that costs me is the actual printing of the comic which is actually quite a bit more expensive than the amount that I am trying to raise here. That is not the end of the world though, so if you guys help me to get at least a third of the cost by turning this campaign into a success, I will take care of the rest.

When you pledge for this campaign you will receive various rewards, but they all include a version of the comic. I am giving you the choice between more affordable pledges for which you will receive digital versions of the comic and standard pledge levels for which you will receive high-quality print version.

And talking about printing, I use the services of an American company calles Print Ninja who specialize in offset printing and comic books. I guarantee you that the prints are absolutely beautiful.

Don’t worry if you missed the campaign for the first issue of SHIFTED. I have included some reward levels which will get you a package of SHIFTED issues #1 &#2 so you can hop right into the beginning of the story.

By the time this campaign is over, I will have finished issue #2 and I will be sending it to print. Depending on printing times (which will probably be delayed because of Christmas), you will receive your print rewards between December 2017 and January 2018.

Here are some pages from the comic as well as photos of the sweet prints that you will receive. Thank you in advance for you help!

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