The land of Shit and Sugar

Bored of the visual waste landscape of minimalistic products? The book «In the land of Shit and Sugar» whisks you into a parallel universe filled with absurd goods, far away from all moral expectations and usual design conventions. Anachronistic, loud, flashy and carefree. A place where anything can be found, even that which has been banned by the style police. The stories of 100 chosen products have been analyzed, deconstructed and celebrated: without any taboos or the slightest claim on good taste. Welcome to the Land of Shit and Sugar!


How can i enter?

We are currently working hard on our book «In the land of Shit and Sugar» which is the first product of our brand «Shit and Sugar». Our goal: To create a book which meets all our desires. «In the land of Shit and Sugar» is filled with what fascinates us; the weird and not ordinary. A selection of products which have caught our eye and with a story we want to tell. We need your help so that we can bring these stories to you! We don’t only want our book to look good, we also want it to be of the highest quality. We are printing the books in Switzerland. 300 pages on high quality paper and a beautiful cover.


So now you are wondering who is behind the brand «Shit and Sugar». A team of five young bachelor students, each with their own skill: Elena THE COORDINATOR, Mona THE SOCIAL MEDIA & EVENT PLANNER, Céline THE PHOTOGRAPHER, Anna THE GRAPHICDESIGNER and Corinne THE WEBDESIGNER.

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Thank you!

We will return the favor as soon as our book is printed! Thanks to your cash injection you will receive a personal invitation to our preview in July 2017. You will also be one of the first people to have the honor to take the book, any many other promised treasures, back home. We look forward to sharing an evening in the world of «Shit and Sugar» with you! If you happen to be the lucky «queen» or «king» of the evening, sit back and relax! The throne will be awaiting you; a seat of honor where all your wishes and desires will be fulfilled.

No matter if crowned or not, we bow to you and say thank you!

Elena, Mona, Celine, Corinne & Anna

(P:S: If our paths don’t cross your sweets/goodies will naturally be delivered directly to your home.)

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