Shrizz N Maze-Dope Frequency

by Shrizz N Maze

Bern and Paris

Shrizz N Maze take off with their spaceship into space. In the endless expanses of the universe they produce their album «Dope Frequency», which is influenced by unknown Martian frequencies.

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This is what it's all about.

We have recorded the album «Dope Frequency» in the last two years. It was created in our home studio in Bern, in our penthouse in Paris and in the KB recording studio in Paris. 

We call our style «Martian Funk,» with which we build bridges between our roots in the last millennium and today’s digital modernity. With keyboardist and singer Jay Murphy from Paris, we got a longtime fellow musician on board of our spaceship as well as a variety of illustrious international guest musicians. We have Amp Fiddler (vocals and synthesizer), Greg Boyer (trombone), and Juan Rozoff (vocals) among others.

Last year, we put together a five-piece live band in Paris. In addition to Shrizz (vocals, sax) and Maze (guitar, vocals) we have Jay Murphy (keyboards, vocals), Thomas Braganti (bass) and Fabrice Lerigab (drums, samples). These are all experienced musicians from the Paris scene, which completes us to a quintet. 

Our first collaboration in Paris in September 2021 was very productive. You can find a video of it here [on the site -> direct link if possible]. We are now planning on playing our next concerts in Paris in March and April 2022. At the big shows of the «Dope Frequency» Concert Tour, we will be accompanied by none other than Joe Bowie, trombonist, singer and founder of the New York band, Defunkt. With him, we mutate to the insider tip par excellence. 

My project is special because ...

At the beginning of April 2022, we plan on releasing our second single, «True Love». Here again Amp Fiddler, keyboarder of George Clinton and Prince, will accompany us. In this uniquely brilliant combination, we will shoot a video clip in Spain in March 2022. Our album is scheduled for release in early autumn 2022.

Shrizz N Maze is not only a band that brings funk into the new millennium, but we are also two «space warriors» who are on a secret mission to explore the infinite reaches of space with our spaceship. 

First, we set course for the red planet Mars, from which we received mysterious inspiring frequencies. On these surfaces, the legendary concert club «True Love» is supposed to be located. 

What will Shrizz N Maze find there? Where do the frequencies come from? What is our actual secret mission? Who are the sinister figures that are on our heels? And where will the future take us? We show you all this and more in the video clip, «True Love».

You can see a little taste of our adventures in the video «Happy New Year» here on this page and on our YouTube channel.

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Join us on our mission! With your contribution, you enable us to finish the album «Dope Frequency». The costs to launch our spaceship would drive us into poverty. We have expenses like mixing and mastering, design, graphics and promotion - and of course the pressing of the physical record.

Please support us now! For your help - big or small - we will be indebted to you in deep gratitude and love until the end of space-time. Love greetings from the infinite expanses of space, Shrizz N Maze.