Thank you so much! Premiere in 4 days!By Grassroots Theatre Basel, on 5/3/2018 13:04

Dear amazing person,

Thank you so much for helping us reach our crowdfunding goal! It’s an extraordinary feeling to have reached 117% of what we hoped for and please believe that your contributions will be cherished and well-spent! Our wonderful lighting designer Michael Studer deserves every Franc that we can pay him, and thanks to you, we can also afford the sound system which will help our singers do the heavy lifting that Sondheim requires over our nine shows.

If you haven’t heard from one of us already, we will be contacting every one of you very soon. There are many details to be sorted out, but for those of you who will manage to come to the show, we’ll see you at the Safe!

Thank you again for supporting the arts and for making it possible for us to do what we love doing! We’re so happy and grateful to have you be part of our project.

Yours truly,


Day 31: A new reward and past halfway!By Grassroots Theatre Basel, on 14/2/2018 14:03

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Dear Supporters,

Our posters have gone into print and soon will be winking at you from around Basel and beyond! If you like what you see, we have made 20 available for sale as a new reward (see Limited Edition SBS Poster)! As you can see, we have designed two versions, the «Classic» and the «Retro». After a public canvassing of friends and family of which was better, the equally divided response made us decide to just print both!

We’re in the almost-final polishing stage for our show and as always are making ourselves laugh. Tickets are selling well and interest is high. Thanks to everyone who bought one of our rewards in the last week to help us break the halfway point!

It will be a hard push to the end of the campaign, but I am convinced that we will make it! Thank you again for your support and thank you for spreading the word!

Have a good Wednesday,


Day 22: 39% reached, Radio X and a thank you concertBy Grassroots Theatre Basel, on 5/2/2018 12:24

Hi everyone! We’re at almost 40% of our goal and we’re aiming to cross the half mark by the end of the week! Rehearsal-wise, we’ve now completed run-throughs of both acts and have surmounted that mountain of assembling the show in its entirety. From now on the speed will only pick up as we race towards opening night!

I’d like to alert you to two events happening this week: the first is our appearance on The English Show on Radio X (94.5FM) tomorrow night (Tuesday Feb. 6) at 7:10pm. We’ll talk about the show and do some serious charm-oozing, both in speaking and singing form.

The second will be on Friday, February 9, which is our unofficial «Crowdfunding Day» and is meant as a huge thank-you to everyone who has already contributed as well as a «What are you waiting for???» to those who perhaps need more…song and dance. Yes, we’re gladly working hard to earn your support! We’ll be previewing highlights of our show at Sonny’s Bar at Vogesenstrasse 96 at 8:30pm. Please stop by for cheeriness, a good glass of wine, good food, and don’t forget to bring your friends!

Have a good start to the week and again, THANK YOU!!

Best, Tiffany

Day 14: Thank you for helping us get to 1/3!!!By Grassroots Theatre Basel, on 28/1/2018 21:32

It’s the end of our second week and thanks to some amazingly generous people in the last few days, we’ve surpassed 1/3 of our fundraising goal!! We feel honoured to have your support and we are so buoyed up by your contributions!

I’m happy to show you our latest video as well, the first in our «Meet the Cast» series. Featured is the beautiful, gifted, honey-voiced Stephanie Németh-Parker, who we are lucky to have as our narrator. So immense is her talent that she has been known to make audition panels cry, audiences melt, and unsuspecting TV-watchers suddenly want to go out and purchase expensive cars and watches!

Have a great week everybody and thank you again! Yours, Tiffany

Day 5: Almost 1/8 of our goal!By Grassroots Theatre Basel, on 19/1/2018 11:15

Good morning everyone! Thanks so much to all who has so far given a lot or a little to our project, it means a lot to us! It’s day 5 and we’ve almost reached 1/8 of our goal! I woke up super early to get in some practicing in before work and Sondheim in the morning plus coffee is not a bad way to start the day. Please know that your support helps us keep going! Best wishes, Tiffany