What do we want:

We are Donia Sbika and Olga Domanska. We want to create a physical theatre piece and bring it on stage in Switzerland and Europe. A piece where we can share with the audience questions and themes which do not leave us indefferent.

Our performance SILENT PACT

Two Artists, two Women, two Friends: through the expression of our body we explore the relationships to ourselves and to the external world. Taking inspiration by the probably closest tie between two human beings: the twin relationship.


Our piece is inspired by the story of the inseparable twins June and Jennifer Gibbons. (Biografie «Silent Twins» by M. Wallace.) While growing up they have decided to only communicate with each other, using their secret twin language, building an elaborated fantasy life. They move as if they were one body, each adapting to the personality of the other. They both long for a seperate existance, but they are not able to break free of their suffocating game. The solution of they’re conflict is both mysterious and fascinating…

Where is the border between attachment and dependency?

  • The paralyzing fear of loneliness.
  • The longing for an emotional human contact,
  • and the fight for own individuality.

Help us to make our Art possible:

We both want to contribute to the art of physical theatre and expand our research on it. As independent artists we try to find creative solutions, but nevertheless there are things we need to pay with money.

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Your donation allows us to:

  • create costumes
  • create scenografie
  • rent theater and rehearsal spaces.

We rehearse at «Jobel Center» in Italy, «Warsaw Mime Center» in Poland, and «Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte» in Germany.

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