Simon Kiener NYC Postcards

by vatter&vatter


The Bernese comic artist and illustrator Simon Kiener documented his stay in New York in 90 hand-drawn postcards. Based on these postcards we will now create a unique New York City guide.

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New York Postcards - the personal NYC Guide by Simon Kiener

During my three-month stay in New York, I sent a hand-drawn postcard to Bern every day. By drawing and writing down my experiences I got closer to this incredibly lively city. Thus, a personal portrait of New York in 90 postcards was created. Based on this collection, I would like to publish a special travel guide to New York in 2024 with the Bernese publishing house vatter&vatter.

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More than a travel guide - more than a travelogue

The «NYC Guide in Postcards» is not only meant to make my postcards and stories from New York accessible to a wide audience, but actually function as a travel guide.

The autobiographical postcards tell situationally with wit, but sometimes also thoughtfully, observantly and always curiously from my life in New York in the winter of 2019. The somewhat different travel guide is intended to encourage people to (re)discover the city and sharpen their gaze. All 90 postcards can be read and viewed in the original handwriting in German, and the texts of about 25 selected postcards are also printed in English translation.

Based on the postcards, you’ll find insider tips on street food, sightseeing and cool excursions and lots of interesting facts about NYC in the «NYC Guide in Postcards». Thematic indexes in color (NYC in Numbers, Eat & Drink, Urban Life, etc.) and cross-references between postcards make it easy to keep track. A beautiful, self-drawn fold-out city map provides additional orientation.

The NYC Guide is meant to whet your appetite for your own discovery tour - whether you’re in New York yourself or simply want to be inspired from the comfort of your sofa at home. A must-have for everyone who loves New York or wants to get to know it!

  • Drafts for cover design and inside pages. With fold out NY city map
    Drafts for cover design and inside pages. With fold out NY city map
  • Drafts for inside pages and indexes in NYC colors
    Drafts for inside pages and indexes in NYC colors

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We are currently putting a lot of heart and soul into the conception and careful design of the publication, so that a beautifully illustrated New York City Guide is created that will accompany you and that you can browse through again and again. Your support helps us to cover the extensive design work and the printing costs for the first edition. Thank you very much!

Simon Kiener (born 1988) is an illustrator and comic artist. His drawings and comics have been published and exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Russia and the USA. He is a founding member of the Swiss trade union for illustrators at syndicom. In 2021 he received the Comic Stipendium of the Swiss-German cities, and in 2022 the New York Stipendium of the Canton of Bern.

Goodie: NYC Map, hand-drawn by Simon
Goodie: NYC Map, hand-drawn by Simon