Sirens – A Fine Nude Photographic Art Book

I’m raising funds in order to print, publish and market 500 copies of my very first photographic art book (with poems by Peter Godwin).

This book is important to me, as I see it as a token of appreciation of more than 10 years spent on studying Southeast Asian women’s sensuality.

If you decide to grant me that reward, I’ll probably generate better media coverage, I’ll manage to exhibit my sensual photos further, and I’ll be able to publish a second book soon.

«Sirens» is a book project presenting beautiful photographic works of Southeast Asian women. Their nudity enhanced by a watery backdrop reveals the sparkling delight and sensuality of some far islands. The sepia tones support the unctuous and «humid» character of the place.

However, I have chosen to banish any link to sexuality and focus exclusively on the sensual quality of my models (NB: the bodies have not been photographically retouched). To reach this goal, my images are absent of pubic hair or very explicit poses.

Not all the women depicted are professional models and their body covered with oil makes them look unreal, like some being coming from an unknown world, a world of perfection: I aim to celebrate the ultimate beauty sprung out of bursting femininity and sensuality.


The artist’s choice

I wish to show the feminine ideal not through plastic perfection or determined standards but through the prism of the women just as they are when they play at discovering themselves and explore their own femininity. I try to demonstrate that ultimate beauty is the result of a perfect blend of tones, corporal expressions and self-discovery performed by women who are not as naive as they may appear.

Real and well alive, whether they are pregnant, wearing glasses or showing a few tattoos, these Asian women accept to standout from the usual artistic nude scene and demonstrate that beauty is not confined to the perfect «photo-shopped» body, but rather in the discovery and acceptance of one’s own self. Far from the stereotype of women as objects, these women offer a fine and natural sensuality, which has come out from a mutual study assisted by the experienced photographer’s eye.


The artist’s commitment

I don’t define myself as an engaged artist but I wish to show another world to the public, a magical world where Beauty is above all, an exotic fantasy created by the artist, yet not completely detached from the reality.

I am committed to tell the stories of those women, students, workers, housewives, and more who have decided to pose and discover themselves naked in front of a camera to assert their Sacred Feminine.

This commitment makes a lot of sense especially now that Europe and other Occidental nations are debating about the burkini. Catherine Kintzler*, in a recent article, expresses her fears: «if not wearing the veal, if wearing a mini skirt or a bikini, if sitting alone in a cafe become a heroic act for certain women, it means that we have accepted that for all women, we have chosen to ignore signs of a fierce totalitarianism. The opposite should be »normal».» It means that the burkini and burka are becoming ideological and political issues where the state is involved. The fight must involve public disapproval. It is a matter of defending our culture, one that gives freedom to men as well as women to exhibit their body, their humanity.

A large majority of women who have posed in front of my camera shared the same hope: free themselves from cultural or religious constraints and assert the supremacy of their femininity. They simply wished to feel free!

I therefore stand for them and through my artistic work I support any effort of human condition improvement towards the basic principle of freedom of thought, of expression and of behavior.

  • Professor Emeritus at Lille-III University (France), and Vice-President of «Société Française de Philosophie» (French Association of Philosophy). She’s notably the author of »Penser la Laïcité» (On Secularism) and manages the Mezetulle website.

Foreword and poems from Peter Godwin

This book project wouldn’t be complete without the contribution of Peter Godwin (author & interpreter, well known in the 1980s with several smash hits like «Images Of Heaven» or «Baby’s In The Mountains», and also known as the author of «Criminal Mind» – covered by David Bowie in 1982 in his album «Let’s Dance»), who’s always celebrated women in his artist work. A sincere friendship developed between Peter Godwin and Dominic C since they first met in 2010, so when Dominic needed a preface and 25 poems to enhance the aura of the women in his photos it went without saying that Peter was the right person to ask to.

  • Texts in English & French
  • Format: 45x16.6 in
  • Number of pages: 116
  • Number of photos: 128
  • Number of poems: 25
  • Paper: coated semi-mat 135 g
  • Printing: litho
  • Book cover: 10.6x14.2 in, hardcover (mat & anti-scratch)

If you just can’t contribute, but want to help, I’ll be grateful if you share my project on social networks and forums. You might also use the Indiegogo share tools, if needed.

Thanks very much in advance!

Dominic C


Données Techniques

  • Textes en Anglais & Français
  • Format: 24x32 cm
  • Nombre de pages: 116
  • Nombre de photos: 128
  • Nombre de poèmes: 25
  • Papier: couché demi mat 135 g
  • Impression: quadri
  • Couverture: 27x36 cm, cartonnée (mat & anti-rayures)

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Un grand merci d’avance!

Dominic C