What is SkiKlip?

SkiKlip is a smart, compact and lightweight wheel and blade device which allows you to effortlessly take your skis from home to the slopes. You just clip it on and off you go.

The wheels are for city streets; the blade is for snow. You simply tilt the skis, depending on the terrain, and either roll with the wheels or glide with the blade.

When you reach the slopes, you clip it off and put it in your pocket, as Alex does in our video.

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Why SkiKlip?

SkiKlip eliminates the burden of heavy skis on your shoulders, thus reducing fatigue and risk of injury. It also gives your hands the flexibility to do other things. It even let’s children take care of their own skis.


What is included in SkiKlip?

SkiKlip consists of:

  • SkiKlip body with wheels to roll and blade to glide
  • Additional stylish Velcro wrap to bind your skis and skiing sticks together
  • Water repellent bag to store the SkiKlip and Velcro wrap

SkiKlip is designed in an elegant silver grey finish by the talented Swiss Designer Andreas Bhend from Ennetbaden. SkiKlip is designed slim enough to fit your jacket pocket; it is light to carry and smooth to roll. No assemblig needeed. All materials have been carefully selected and tested to be strong, durable and eco-friendly.


For whom?

SkiKlip is ideal for skiers who take public transportation to the slopes, families with children, golden-agers and skiers of all ages that struggle with carrying their skis.


Protection of the environment

SkiKlip makes the journey to the slopes easier and encourages the use of public transportation, thus reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the protection of the environment, namely Switzerland’s precious glaciers. SkiKlip will be produced of approx. 98% recycled material.


We need YOU to make this happen!

Your support is crucial in allowing us to improve our prototype and bring the SkiKlip into production for the first series. Our goal is to have the final product ready for the next ski season in autumn 2017.

Join our journey and help us make this happen. We want to ease your trip from home to slopes and make the skiing experience as comfortable as possible. Carrying skis was yesterday, roll your skis now onwards.


Explore our rewards and get thrilled

We have created a varied list of rewards for you and hope you like them. We especially want to inspire you to enjoy new experiences, get thrills and meet interesting people.

Something unforgettable and unexpected.

If you have questions of any kind (about the rewards, dates, about the product etc.,) drop us a line: info@zitrona.com

Fore more information please visit our website: http://www.zitrona.com/skiklip/

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Swiss Design

SkiKlip is Swiss design and product of Zitrona, an innovations start-up in Bern. We create next-generation solutions and products with the aim of enhancing everyday life and creating social benefits. We were finalists in Swiss Innovation Challenge 2016 with SkiKlip.

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