Dancers For the World supports the young dancers of the largest slum in Africa. International ballet dancers will offer their knowledge and discover new talents, bring hope and open doors...

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The ballet school in the Kibera slum and DFW

One would not think to marry ballet with a group of children living in one of the largest slum in Africa.

With ballet lessons being extremely expensive, Ballet is often associated with privilege, but by chance … kids dreams don’t know about this

…and we know dance opens doors and links worlds.

Dancers For the World and SRF1

But you probably want to know more about us…

DFW - Dancers For the World - was created in 2015 by Catherine Habasque, international Principal dancer, to use movement as a resilience tool and bring high level dance courses in remote places.

For the past three years, DFW has worked with refugees in Georgia, abused and underprivileged young girls in the Philippines, street children in Cambodia. We are now running a program with the refugees of the Moria camps in Lesbos.

Each new journey enriches us with experiences and leaves traces in our lives and theirs. We also keep a follow-up with the people we worked with and support when we can.

We created this short video you can see bellow but if you want to see more, SRF1 followed us in our last trip to Lesbos and filmed our work.

You can find the reportage online here:—tanztherapie-gegen-erlebtes-leid?id=bd60f4ed-b0cd-4a76-84f6-9a6828f87e25

The reportage will also be shown in the program «Insieme» of RSI on Juli 6.

We bring hope, knowledge and possibilities where they are often impossible to find...

Until now we have mostly been traveling to places were the young people had never experienced ballet before and we often brought different styles, easier to approach and enjoy right away, like Flamenco or Break dance.

This project is a very special one, as these young dancers already have a Ballet formation. We can deepen their knowledge, offer them our, look for new talents which might be able to get out of the slums through their passion and the amount of work that goes with it.

We will also bring dance shoes for the children to be able to work in proper conditions. Point shoes are indispensable for ladies to learn ballet and their price makes them impossible to get for children of the slum.

With your support, we will bring hope, knowledge and possibilities where they are often impossible to find…

And… DFW is also a dance company creating performances with high level professional dancers, musicians and singers. To thank you for your support, we will be thrilled to offer you entrances for our next productions!