This is the plan for my project...

Weareherbrand (we are her brand) launched Thursday 9th May after 5 months of initial planning, the brand focuses on the equality of women and against discrimination. At weareherbrand, we believe in equality and togetherness. Weʼre a brand who believe in providing work and life solutions in shaping the future. The brand (her.) Weareherbrand quote is -

«Togetherness is what we believe in, meaning you can be masculine and feminine in a world that we can run side by side.»

Our goal is strategic, the end goal is for the logo of her to be a certified stamp of trust and approval that will be placed on company websites or any physical places to show they don’t support discrimination and support that people (women, LGBTQ etc) should be in the positions where they deserve, whether in the work place or out in the world. (This is the end goal so it may take many many years)

We have to focus on the baby steps first:

  • Our platform has started with herclothing, this was strategically started to spread the message of empowerment by creating custom made t-shirts 94% organic cotton and 6% spandex with our logo embroidered on the front and an empowering quote at the back of the shirt (Focusing on fair trade). The shirts are produced in Munich, cut from the rolls of organic cotton and everything hand made.

We are currently selling our first 100 shirts which should give us the capital to order 300 shirts to be made in a manufacturers in Munich because they can not do any products below 300.

Once we have sold 1000 shirts then the real plan begins by kicking off - The selling of the first 1000 shirts will give us the capital of €75,000 and this will allow us to initiate our plan.

hertalks, herschools (in 3rd world countries to help empower young girls in tech, engineering, business etc) and many more but everything has to be strategic and by doing this it allows us to create a platform that will become a network of like minded people that support one another (the cause).

  • for herschools we are currently connecting with teachers and coming up with a concept for a curriculum which will involve STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths schools) This will be tested out at a specific college for possibly 8 months to a year, whilst networking and engaging companies to sign up to the herschools program to give the students internship possibilities once they have qualified from the course. Only this way we will know how to move forward with the schools and what we will need in order to start a school. Weareherbrand are currently talking to 2 women that want to open schools in Somalia and India and they are interested in the whole plan and what we have to offer. We have contacted universities to speak to students that are going to teach abroad to wear the her branded tshirts for the cause and they love the whole idea and want to implement it into their schools organisation for when they go abroad to teach.

None of these can come to life unless we sell the shirts to make the funds needed or have the right people around us with the right connections.

I know this is a wish list but we have already started and are in need of the right people to make it work to get the message out there.

Our page is Feel free to browse around and to read our herweekly blog and what they have to say about the brand. We interview companies and people that support our values and want to make change. We will also attach the brand pdf and can’t wait for your questions.

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My project is special because ...

The reason why my project is special is because i have and am connecting with those that the issue affects and listening to them whilst learning at the same time. I am creating a platform for women and those who are discriminated against to be heard, having worked countlessly around the clock for the past 5-6 months having meetings with the likes of girls ages 15 - women aged 70 about what is happening right now and how i can challenge it. I am not pro anything, I am myself that cares for the likes of my sister, my niece, my mother, my grandmother (RIP) and every woman who wants their voice to be heard as its not «We can do it better than them» it should be «We can do that also, we deserve that as well» hence the (her.) meaning togetherness and being equal.

My project hits me hard because whilst my sister having graduated in her masters from studying Osteopathy at the London school of Osteopathy, whilst she was applying for jobs i saw her struggle and people tell her she will not culturally fit into the company.

I witnessed my mother who is a Nurse for the London NHS, travel outside of London for work and get abused by younger nurses for being an older black woman that earned more money than the younger nurses. This is not tight, when you see your mother break down for doing what she loves. I am against discrimination on all levels and i will do what i can to create a platform to better the world step by step.

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This is what I need backing for.

I need backing to kick things off, I want to be able to work on this full time to make sure my vision for the brand comes to life. I have put €5000 into the brand already to kick it off. On the website we are selling the custom handmade shirts for €75. We have 100 in stock, we are aiming to be able to get 2000-3000 in stock to be able to push the brand strategically and once the message for the brand is out and the herweekly blog has attracted the right people we can kick off with the hertalks. This money will pay the venues for the first hertalks, herparties, my living costs so i can focus on boosting the brands marketing and visuals whilst working on the blog and the website which i have been doing and networking with other people and companies. It will pay for the 2000 - 3000 shirts we can use to kick off the strategy for the plan as we have already have interests from boutiques and retailers asking for bulk orders in future.

Weareherbrand will attend events and build stalls for brand recognition whilst speaking to the people about the shirts.

From fashion events to educational events we will be there to present our idea so the world know what we have to offer and to find the right people that support our values to partner with.

Everything that has been happening so far is the effort i have put into it because i was once told if i dont do it then nobody will do it for me.