Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada

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Celebrating Dada in its 100th year! Dada Smile Cloud; a 3 dimensional, mixed media smile collage, has something for most of your senses. Happy Birthday, Dada, and many more... ...Dada Lives!

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Clôturé avec succès le 1.4.2016

– let’s get together at the…

SNEAK PEEK over Coffee – UNVEILING with Prosecco

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Enjoy, and get a smile, give a smile.

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The Smiles are coming! ………can you find yours?

A digital Birthday Card for Dada.

Life is better because of Dada... long live it’s influence!

Using several artistic disciplines that find their roots in Dada, the installation will come to life slowly, over the next year. Through collage techniques, 2 dimensional art, will be combined in a 3 dimensional way, creating a hanging sculptural mobile, complete with a sound. We like to create works to interact with the public so, it will be possible to turn the cloud, via a hand crank or some other devise, making the smiles dance.

Life is better with a Smile Cloud...

This work will take you, the participant and viewer to a whimsical, happy place, where the spirit of Dada dwells. Uniting all your smiles together, into this cloud, bringing all people together, from all walks of life, this is what the Smile Cloud does, at its best.

Life is better together, be a part...

Join the Smile Cloud, by sending us your smiles, we will collage them together with other smiles, and with your help, build a cloud…without hate, without jealousy, without prejudice, just side by side, happy together.

How to take your smile...

«To Selfie, or not to Selfie; that is the question…»

With your handy or camera, come in close to your mouth, say «spaghetti» and then take the picture. All smiles are beautiful. It is up to you, with teeth showing, Mona Lisa style or laughing… just Smile! See the examples above to see different possibilities.

Don’t stop there, we need lots of smiles!

Again, life is better together… be a part… send us your smiles. Ask your mom, brother, your teacher, your friends, your girlfriend, spouse, your kid… the list is endless! The bus driver, lady at Migros, etc…

Life is better with support...

Bringing ideas to life cost money. We are not independently wealthy, that is why we are here, on the wemakeit website. We are looking for your support.

  • Firstly, this is an important work that needs to be made and needs to be seen and experienced.
  • Secondly, there are materials involved that are critical to creating the art work.
  • Thirdly, the Unveiling Event; the work needs to be seen, it must have it’s effect & it must be enjoyed.
  • Lastly, support is not always monetary, we also need smiles… if the cloud was only my smile that would not create the same meaning. Please, spread the word, ask your friends to smile for the cloud, too.

Life is better with rewards... something to smile about.

  • You get to be a part of this Smile Cloud.
  • You can be invited to the Unveiling Event.
  • You can get postcards.
  • You can get greeting cards.
  • You can get personalize postcards.
  • You can have the RIGHT to turn the Smile Cloud at the Unveiling Event.
  • You can get the book «The Making of; Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada.» signed or unsigned.
  • You can attend a semi-private lunch, before the Unveiling Event, with the artist and her family.
  • You can have the RIGHT to turn the Smile Cloud, BEFORE the Unveiling Event.
  • You can receive a framed original sketch/drawing, of this Smile Cloud project, signed.

Dates: Construction started, February 5, 2016. Unveiling Event is planned to take place during the Dada Birthday month of February, 2017.

How to send your smiles…
Please send your smiles to us, via our website. See below.