A sustainable textile hub in Zurich – we support community, creativity, and innovation in the areas of textiles, fashion, and design.

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Our Project

We are a community project, based in Zurich. We are building a Sustainable Textile Hub; this is a space where people from all backgrounds can come together to work with fabrics, find inspiration, and contribute to change in their community. We offer courses, a shared working space, and a small but growing inventory of sustainably-made fabrics.

We also piloted a programme with refugees this summer. Together with our community, we want to break stereotypes and show the world that refugees are talented, creative, innovative, and hard working. We worked together with refugees on product development and production, and with your help, we want to continue to work with them in the future.

  • Designing at Social Fabric
    Designing at Social Fabric
  • refugee product design workshop
    refugee product design workshop
  • ideation with refugees
    ideation with refugees
  • making a block print
    making a block print
  • Social Fabric workshops
    Social Fabric workshops
  • t-shirt printing
    t-shirt printing

Why We Need Your Support

We just moved into a new space at Eichstrasse 29 in Zurich. This is a beautiful and bright space that can be used for co-working, workshops, and our refugee programme. We have the basic furnishings for our space, and now we desperately need some proper industrial sewing machines. We need these so that our refugees can learn and apply proper production techniques, and so that we can manufacture high quality products. We would also like to offer this equipment for use to our clients.

Stretch Goal

We want to deliver a six month internship programme to four refugees. In order to be able to do this, we need to raise an extra CHF 25 000. We know that this is an ambitious goal, but we hope we can achieve it with the support of our community!

The Goodies!

Here are a few examples of the rewards you will receive for supporting us: Made-to-measure organic t-shirt – here is Flurin, our first customer, in his made to measure shirt. You might know Flurin as the founder of Stadtmilch (www.stadtmilch.ch). Here’s what Flurin says: «I really like the T-shirt. I like it so much, I haven’t even dared to put it on. I am waiting for a special occasion. hehe! It’s the best shirt I own!»

Amity Messenger Bags – note that each bag is a unique piece, so we can’t guarantee that your bag will be exactly the same as the one pictured.

Amity Reversible Wrap Skirts – made from organic cotton

Rethread organic t-shirts – prints are designed and printed by refugees in Zurich- T-shirts are melange grey colour and are available in mens (navy blue shown, though the actual t-shirt will be grey), or womens.

You can choose one of four refugee-made designs, as follows. The stories behind each design can be found at www.socialfabric.ch/rethread.

Amity cowl-neck t-shirts for women – made from organic cotton

«Farmhouse» bags and hand-woven winter scarves

  • t-shirt designed by Hussein
    t-shirt designed by Hussein
  • Messenger Bag Rainbow
    Messenger Bag Rainbow
  • Amity Messenger Bag Green
    Amity Messenger Bag Green
  • Amity Messenger Bag Blue
    Amity Messenger Bag Blue
  • It’s a Plus side A
    It’s a Plus side A
  • It’s a Plus side B
    It’s a Plus side B
  • Navy Stripe side A
    Navy Stripe side A
  • Navy Stripe side B
    Navy Stripe side B
  • A Taste of Spring side A
    A Taste of Spring side A
  • A Taste of Spring side B
    A Taste of Spring side B
  • Pinwheels side A
    Pinwheels side A
  • Pinwheels side B
    Pinwheels side B
  • t-shirt designed by Khalid
    t-shirt designed by Khalid
  • t-shirt designed by Mojtaba, story by Irshad
    t-shirt designed by Mojtaba, story by Irshad
  • t-shirt designed by Choedon
    t-shirt designed by Choedon
  • ’Farmhouse’ bags, choice of 3 colours
    ’Farmhouse’ bags, choice of 3 colours
  • 80% cotton, 20% wool
    80% cotton, 20% wool
  • 90% cotton, 10% wool
    90% cotton, 10% wool
  • 30% cotton, 70% wool
    30% cotton, 70% wool

What Other Kind of Help do We Need?

More than anything else, we need help in spreading the word about our project. You can help us most by telling your friends and family about Social Fabric, and what we are trying to achieve.

Additionally, we could really use some help to get our refugee project up and running in a sustainable way. We are interested in developing corporate partnerships, and relationships with foundations and other non-profit organisations who are aligned with our mission. If you are affiliated with an organisation that might be interested in our project, please contact us.

Also, if you are interested in being a dedicated volunteer, please get in touch. We could use a volunteer for communications and marketing, and/or for graphic design.