Socks by Thomas Jakobson

by Thomas Jakobson


Thomas Jakobson – organic socks and bow ties, designed and made in the last Swiss socks factory. Preorder now – socks and bow ties for summer 2017!

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Thomas Jakobson

My name is Thomas Gfeller. Two years ago I founded the label Thomas Jakobson. I studied Style & Design at Zurich University of the Arts. I always wear colorful socks, suitably, to the shirt, the sweater or the scarf. And it were the many uncovered socks, without connection to the outfit that inspired me. Since 2014, I am designing and producing charming duos made of socks and bow ties, the twinsets. The combination of matching socks and bow ties catches the viewer’s glimpse, surprises and makes him smile.

Colored socks

The socks are designed and produced in Switzerland. The organic cotton yarn is bought and dyed in the Emmental, the Lycra is ordered from a factory in St.Gallen. Also in the eastern part of Switzerland the socks are knitted in the last sock factory oft he country. The flat seam across the toes makes the socks particularly comfortable to wear. The Lycra part guarantees the elasticity so the socks are really well fitting.

Matching bow ties

The pure biological satin cotton of the bow ties comes from the southern part of Germany. They are sewn and finished by hand in Bern. The fine cotton glitters like silk, but is suitable not only for the special event, but also for everyday life. With the adjustable closure the bow tie fits around every neck and fits the noble suit, the casual jeans shirt and the airy summer dress.

Out in the woods – Winter collection 2016 – Limited Edition

The collection for the coming winter consists of four different pairs of socks completed with the matching bow ties. The inspiration is a walk in the autumn forest. The collection shows itself in four colors from autumn and lets you immerse yourself in a picturesque autumn winter world. The collection is limited to 140 pairs per design and will be delivered before Christmas. So the winter socks are the perfect Christmas present.

Preorder your socks and bow ties now and get them in early December! You can select the design of your pre-order at the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

In addition, the socks will be available in limited edition at three stores in Berne (Ooonyva & Feinfracht) and Zurich (STORIES) so even after the campaign you have the opportunity to shop swiss made socks!

A day on the boat – Summer collection 2017

The collection for the upcoming summer consists of fourteen different pairs of socks and the matching bow ties. As a graphic basis, I used the idea of a day on the sailboat with the appropriate motifs. The boat deck, the waves, the ropes, the gulls or the striped sailor clothing inspire me to create new and classic patterns. In addition, I take a look at signaling from the shipping industry. The fresh collection is intended to bring life into the spring and complement each outfit or upgrade, so that also in Switzerland a bit of sea feeling comes up. The socks and bow ties of the summer collection will be delivered in early March 2017 and are in your mailbox, before you’ll find the socks in selected stores!

Preorder socks and bow ties now and get them first in early March! You can choose the design of your pre-order at the end of the campaign.

Why do I need your support?

I need your support to finance the Summer Collection 2017. I am aiming at a minimum of CHF 12,000. However, I have a budget of about 20,000 CHF for the total costs of the collection. If the campaign gets overfunded, I’ll invest it in an exclusive photoshooting, and adjust the amount of production according to the amount. In addition, the money would flow into the development of future Thomas Jakobson projects. The money is used to cover the costs for the following points:

  • Purchasing the yarn quantity for about 1,800 pairs of socks
  • Dyeing of the yarn in the dyeing factory «Probst» in Emmenmatt
  • Production of the socks at «Tanner socks factory» in Balgach
  • Purchasing the Lycra-yarn at Swisslastic in St.Gallen
  • Payment of the photographer Simon Iannelli for product and campaign shooting

Your support or preorder gives me the opportunity to get the production of the collection on. You pay now – enable the production and then get your reward! So all of us are happy! ;-)

That’s what you get

You can preorder all the styles, socks and bow ties of winter and summer collections. In addition, there are new benefits every week with special goodies from my regional partners. So it is always worthwhile to have a look at the campaign!

Exclusive sales-partners for the winter collection:

  • Ooonyva, Bern –>
  • Feinfracht, Bern –>
  • Stories, Zürich –>

Time schedule

  • october 10: Launch of the crowdfunding campaign at
  • october-november: production of the winter collection
  • november 24: end of the campaign
  • 5.-15. december: Delivery of the winter collection
  • november-february: production of the summer collection
  • early March: delivery of the summer collection
  • beginning of march: launch of the summer collection and start sale in various shops in Switzerland

Thomas Jakobson – Philosophy

Three key points are important to me when I design and develop my products:

  • Good design
  • Sustainability and regional production
  • Quality

By «good design» I understand that my products have a certain aesthetics. They should have a good longevity and they should be timeless.

Sustainability and regionality are very important to Thomas Jakobson. I deliberately decided to make my socks in the last Swiss sock factory in Balgach. So I keep the craft in Switzerland, support the small-scale producer, pay him fair and stay in close contact with him. In addition, I learn how the processes proceed from design to the finished product.

The biologically produced yarn is dyed at the dyeing factory Probst in Emmenmatt. Working with him as a regional partner makes life easy and I am always up to date how the dyeing process is running.

The labels are carefully chosen by Thomas Jakobson. The paper which the labels are made of is recycled and the labels are printed at Basisdruck in Bern.

Short distances, fair wages, conscious handling of resources and proximity to know-how are the key points in sustainability for me.

On one hand, for me quality is, the high-quality organic cotton, that the socks are durable and that they promise a high wearing comfort. I can provide this high quality thanks to the flat seam across the toes and the elasticity thanks to the Lycra.