I am passionate about cooking and food, I am starting an olive growing project for my independence. Your help is precious for my dream and to acquire the Sommelier-Evo-Oil patent!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/9/2022

Promote Quality

«We are what we eat» (Cit. Feuerbach): eating well is a necessity that we must take care of, for ourselves and those around us.

With a background of decades of experience in the cultivation, production and sale of extra virgin olive oil (in IT and in CH), the oil Sommelier certification is a symbol of greater professionalism, it is useful to improve the knowledge that can be made available to You, in order to better serve You Swiss customers and consumers.

Sommelier Extravergine Oliven Oil

The Mediterranean diet is based on healthy foods and Quality ingredients. Today we are increasingly looking for Quality, in everyday life in all its aspects: sports, clothing, company but also in the micro: clean air, uncontaminated places, bio smoothies. Eating is an activity we do every day, it makes us feel good and does us good: «Make sure that your medicine is food and that food is your medicine» (Hippocrates)

Professional Advisor

«You cannot think well, love well, sleep well if you has not eaten well» (Cit. V. Wolf) In order to promote Quality and spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil, qualified people are needed who can best advise YOU and all the Consumers, selecting and filtering the best products on the market.